Thursday, March 6, 2014

Join Project Dream International for $299!

This, this is unheard of! I'm literally almost speechless! That doesn't happen very often. ;o)

OMG! Listen up! This has NEVER happened before! For the month of March & March ONLY, Project Dream International ( is accepting new Distributors with the purchase of the $299 Gold Plus package! Holy save money! Typically, to be a member of Project Dream, a Distributor must purchase the $599 Gold Plus package (the best value), so this is an unbelievable special! My goodness, if you have considered joining PDI - do it now!

Here is the link, so you can read more about the $299 package. Click here! Also, I'm home today, so call me & lets get you signed up right now! With the Shaklee promotion that has been extended for this month & now the PDI special - it doesn't get any sweeter than this. Sign on & make a lot of money for this month - there's still time. Call me! 817.300.7755.

*January was Project Dream International's biggest month ever. But guess what? Shaklee is all the rage right now & we surpassed that in February! February '14 was now our biggest month EVER!! So many customers (our team alone signed up over 160 families last month!) & new Distributors - it's amazing! Join us! :)

*Also, join my team & receive a free gift from me! I will ship it directly to your home & this gift will help you blow your business out of the water! :)

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