Thursday, March 27, 2014

New workout - Leslie Sansone!

Popping in quickly to share a new workout I stumbled upon last night. I was on YouTube, browsing Richard Simmons toning dvd's, when I saw Leslie Sansone featured off to the side. I clicked on a few videos & really liked her routines. She has pretty great, encouraging reviews, too. So this morning, I set Richard (Simmons) aside while I tried my first Leslie Sansone workout. LOVED it. Most productive workout I've done yet. Since I'm just beginning, I chose her 2 mile walk. It's 30 minutes, easy to follow, excellent cardio. Because it's only 30 minutes, I may do it again later this afternoon. I really want to exercise for 45 - 60 minutes a day to reap the most beneficial results. I don't have any dvd's of hers, so I just turned on YouTube & blew up my computer screen. Easy peasy. After a few days, I'll switch to some of her longer, more intense videos.

Here's the beginners video I did today:

She's 52! And that Tracy Anderson dvd that I wasn't real fond of, mentioned below? No thanks!

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Happy work out! :)

Did you know the words 'work out' are one word, together (workout), if it's used as a noun or adjective & 2 words if it's used as a verb. Still no guarantee I used them correctly. I try. :)

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