Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodwill & garage sale goodies.

I have never seen our Goodwill store as stocked as it was this weekend! So much super stuff! I took Bentley with me this time, so I couldn't really shop as much as I would have liked. Someone talks too much & I couldn't think. ;o)

Here is what I did purchase:

White teapot: $3.50 (no chips, nothing)

Glass vase: $2.00 (ditto)

4 books: $1.00

Wall shelf: $5.00 (very well made, little to no dents)

Total: $12.00 Ü

(As we were shopping, some lady walked up next to me & was complaining that there wasn't enough "fall and/or Halloween decorations out". Are you kidding me? Good heavens, we're at Goodwill, not Walmart! :o)

Garage sale:

Shopping Girl plate - $1.00 (when I washed it, I noticed that the little store name in the upper left corner has the beginning of the name missing. I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be like that, or if it had worn off. I found a replica photo online & indeed, the entire name is supposed to be there. Boo! Maybe I can restore it? Heck, probably not. After all, it was only $1.00. That will drive me crazy, though, so back in the garage sale pile it goes! Ü )



3 books - $.75

Wooden teddy bear - $.25

Total: $2.00 Ü

I am banking on getting to Ikea this week. Lord willin' & the creeks don't rise, this week, I'll make it! Ü


Launa said...

You are just a crazy, bargain finding, shopping machine!! Awesome finds!

carrie said...

Just found your blog through your tweets to Sailor and Co. You named your children after cars? Very strange!!Oh, well to each her own.