Thursday, October 28, 2010

My dream kitchen colors.

Do you ever see something & you just know? Either you know that you want to purchase it or you know you want to decorate with it or you know it's just meant to be? It took one look at this elegant kitchen & I just knew. This is it. White & silver. Silver is quickly becoming one of my most favorites colors. And pair it with white? Beautimous. Crisp. Fresh. Clean. Classy. Sophisticated. Gorgeous!

Kitchen renovation by: A Well Dressed Home

I'm not speaking of the layout, per se. Just the colors. Our cobalt blue kitchen is rather small, due to having three entrances which = wasted space. Our cabinets are custom & actually in really good condition. They are currently outdated 'white wash', but could easily (or not so easily?) be painted white. I like stainless steel appliances - they aren't something I coo over - but with white cabinest? Yah baby. Makes me all happy happy.

Maybe someday. Before I'm dead, would be good. ;o) For more examples, google 'white kitchens'. Be prepared to drool. Just lovely! Ü


Bobbi Janay said...

I love white cabinets too.

Emily said...

Hi Melissa,

I just came across your blog and thought, THAT'S MY KITCHEN! What are the chances? Glad you like our kitchen remodel. Not sure where you found the pic, but you can see the befores and afters at:

Emily Hewett