Friday, October 15, 2010

I think I was a little thrift happy.

I'm going to tone my thrifting down a bit. Recently I've noticed I'm not thinking purchases through; thus, resulting in buying items, only to find when I get home, I don't want 'em. That kind of defeats the purpose of thrifting. Ü

I'm also tired of driving & driving searching for garage sales. Yes, I'm aware you can look up garage sales in the paper, etc., but I don't have time for that. From now on, I've decided to stop only at garage sales that are on my way to another destination. That should definitely cut down on gas & time.

I hit some garage sales this morning & then we headed to Goodwill. For the first time ever, I had to leave because a certain 2 1/2 year old (Mercedes!) had a complete, horrible meltdown (Mercedes!). When my scolding was over, she calmed down & we headed to 2 new thrift stores I heard about from a friend of mine. One was another Goodwill & next to it was a thrift store.

Found an awesome garage sale on the way (good thing I don't drive a truck! I seriously could have done some damage at that garage sale!). I purchased this basket, in excellent condition, for $1.00. Yep, $1.00. Score! I've noticed the only type of baskets I'm drawn to are the large, dark colored bamboo with little to no handles. ♥ this basket!

The glass vase, also in perfect condition, I found at the thrift store for $2.70. I love the shape & height. Speaking of clear glass, do you know clear glass looks amazing with white? I.e. white candles? I need to stock up on white candles. Clear glass/white also looks classy with silver.

It is so pretty here in North Texas! We are off to the park later.

Happy weekend! Ü


Bobbi Janay said...

I miss thrifting and garage saling.

Bridget said...

Score again! You find the neatest things.

Ms. Oomph said...