Saturday, October 2, 2010

My successful Craig's List find!

This is only my 2nd purchase off of Craig's List. If you recall the last one, it was a huge flop. Thank goodness it only cost us $15. I was ready to throw in the towel due to aggravation & disappointment, but I know so many who have had great success with CL, I thought I'd try again.

Score! Ü Ah she's a beauty! (The desk, that is. The chair is mine.) I was wanting something where the kids could whip out the laptop, do their homework or games or whatever, & then put it away & close it up.

Score! Ü

I discovered "her" (meaning, the desk) immediately after she had been listed. She was listed for $100. I emailed the owners & offered them $80. Because it was freshly listed, the owner wanted to wait a few days (completely understandable) & told me they would email me if she didn't sell. I assumed that would be the end of that, but low & behold, I received an email a few days later & my offer was accepted!

Score! Ü

She was owned by an elderly couple who lived in an immaculate (per hubby) house. She has no flaws what-so-ever. Perfect.

I am so not into oak and/or light colored wood anymore, so eventually, she will be painted. And I really dislike the brass hardware. I am so not a brass person & our entire house seems to be smothered in it. Exhibit A:

Our 500 lb. formal dining chandelier. Ok, maybe it doesn't actually weigh 500 lbs. Maybe it's more like 350. To be honest with you, I can't believe that sucker hasn't fallen. It is solid brass. And someday, it too, will be painted. ;o)

Happy Saturday! Ü


Bridget said...

That desk is so cool!!! The kids will get a lot of use out of it.

Launa said...

That desk is awesome!! Love the red accents on it!

Myssie said...

LOL...I have the same chandilier in my dining room and HATE it!! Mine is going to be painted soon too! I like the desk, very cute!

Ms. Oomph said...

Oh Craigslist, you make my heart go pitter patter!