Sunday, July 22, 2012

How I clean my oven without chemicals!

Disclaimer 1: The only reason my oven is in this condition is because of Pinterest. I read on Pinterest that one can cook bacon in their oven. It's true! And it works! And it takes a really long time! And then your oven looks like this!

Disclaimer 2: I absolutely did NOT use my oven's self-clean. Which I have always done in the past. This time? On this nasty bacon grease? No. I used Shaklee Basic H Degreaser & Scour Off. And me.

Disclaimer 3: Our house was built in 1991. My oven(s) (I have two) is the original. My oven is 21 years old.


(On the door below, you can see where I first tested Scour Off to see how good of a job it would do. This is when I first ordered my Shaklee products & I didn't know then what I know now!)

First, I sprayed it with Shaklee's Basic H Degreaser & walked away. I went & did some other things & just let it sit. I then came back & wiped it off with my cleaning rag. I then grabbed my scouring sponge, Scour Off & got busy!



Disclaimer 4: See the spots? I kept scrubbing & scrubbing & scrubbing & those spots would NOT come off! Grr! It was at that time, my husband came over & informed me that those 'spots' are actually chips in the finish. Yes, due to being 21 years old, the finish has some chips. I didn't have my glasses on, so they looked like grease spots to me! I won't tell you how much time I spent trying to get those dadgum 'spots' off! Ha! He then informed me the only way I could get my oven any cleaner was to (& I quote) "sandblast" it. At that time, I wiped out the oven & called it a day.

Results? Beautiful. And clean. Just how I like it.

I will never again use my oven's self-clean. No more 2 hour minimum running time & no more disgusting, prolonging odor. Ew! Not to mention, the dangerous high temperature it always heated up to in order to self-clean. That always concerned me!

Think you need chemicals to thoroughly clean your home? Think again! Visit my Shaklee site here!


Kriss said...

Wow Melissa that looks so much better!

Alexandra said...

Amazing! I love Scour Off so much, it works on everything!