Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I clean my white, porcelain kitchen sink with Shaklee!

I have a horrible sink. It's white porcelain & it rarely stays clean. Typically, it looks like this:

(The 'clean' spots are areas I tested Scour Off for the first time!)

Drives me crazy! I used to clean it with Comet powder or Bon Ami powder. After a few shakes, powder fumes/clouds were everywhere. All over my face, all in my lungs & all over my kitchen. Sweet.

Enter Shaklee Scour Off. And just one reason I love it so much -

(I really need to get brighter photos, but my sink is located in such a spot there are no windows/no natural light. I apologize for the shadows. Trust, it's pure white!)

Tada! With minimal effort - my nice, white sink! No powder, no fumes, no coughing & no harsh, toxic chemicals! Nothing but a nice, smell good (like cherries!) paste which is also, might I add, all natural. Completely safe, completely proven. I just stick my sponge into the Scour Off, add some water & scrub away. It works! And I'll never, ever use anything else again.

I'll post more Shaklee before & afters soon. Click here to see all Shaklee products.

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