Friday, July 20, 2012

My cleaning products: then (chemicals!) & now (Shaklee!).

If you've known me long, you know I like to clean. My father instilled two characteristics in me that I am very grateful for: to work hard & to be clean. And I am proud to say, I do both. Those are two of the greatest gifts he could have given me. I am passing both of them on to my children.

Because I like to clean, I have tried & used many products. At the time I fell in love with Shaklee products, these are all of the cleaning products I had on hand.

(Btw, I sold all but 2 of these at my garage sale. And, 2 bars of soap. LOL)

That right there is a lot of harmful, smelly chemicals. I tried to go green before but resorted back to chemicals. So, this was my most recent stash. Even though I despised the fumes & despised the powder clouds, I used them. But never, ever again.

Now, I clean my entire home (inside & out!) with four, yes four, Shaklee products. They are concentrated - which means you use a tad (like a teaspoon or so, depending) of the product mixed with water but not only that, because they are concentrated, these bottles with last a very long time. A year, maybe? That is why Shaklee's cleaning products are less expensive in the long run! And don't forget, always non-toxic. Bonus! Your kids can now help you clean (mine do!) & you don't have to worry! It's a great form of discipline - have them clean something! Win/win!

(I use the sponge/scrub brush w/ Scour Off, the cloth diaper(s) to dust, the wash cloth(s) for bathrooms/counters/tile & the Shaklee Microfiber Window Cloth ($4.60 retail, $3.90 member) for windows & mirrors!)

Basic H is one of Shaklee's top selling products. Basic H ($12.15 retail, $10.35 member) cleans, literally, everything. (I even shaved my legs with it!) Shaklee provides (& sells) 3 labeled spray bottles - all purpose, degreaser & windows. They all use Basic H diluted with water, but the amount of Basic H used in each bottle fluctuates to create different strengths of cleaners. I use Basic H for dusting (LOVE! It's anti-magnetic & does not attract dust - oh yes, in my 'dust problem' house I have proven this to be true!! Amen!!!), washing my floors (all floors), cleaning my kitchen glass table that gets icky & sticky, spills, etc. Squirt, wipe & go. Done!

Basic G ($20.35 retail, $17.30 member) is a disinfectant that I use in the bathrooms. Including toilets. Spray, let sit for 10 minutes (to kill bacteria) & wipe! Done! I also use it in my kitchen or anywhere I need to disinfect surfaces.

Scour Off ($8.50 retail, $7.25 member) is a scouring paste, which replaces the powder cleaners. This too can be used everywhere, but some surfaces are to be avoided in case scratching occurs. I use this on my porcelain sink, my oven, my stove burners, on stains, etc. And it smells like cherries!

I use the Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes ($9.10 retail, $7.75 member) for quick clean ups, but mostly for quick toilet cleans. These are pricey, so I use them sparingly & do not waste them.

That's it. Those products clean my entire home. Four products. All natural, so I spray (unless it's Scour Off), wipe & go. Done! Not only do I just use these 4 products, but they save me time, too. Much quicker cleaning & who doesn't desire (& need!) that?!

You can get all of these products, except for the Basic G, in a Shaklee Household Mini Kit ($46.94, $40.00 member). This kit includes the 3 different Basic H spray bottles. (The kit also includes Organic Super Cleaning Wipes, but I don't use those; however, I may add some Basic G to them & make them disinfecting wipes! I'm so smart. :) I ordered this kit when I first got started! Keep in mind, if you choose to join Shaklee as a member, it cost $19.95. That is a lifetime membership! And it gives you an immediate 15% discount on all products & it is worth every penny!

Happy cleaning!

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