Friday, July 6, 2012

What in the world is going on?

Tons! Too much! My mind is spinning out of control!

First & foremost - my 'getting skinny' label. Not much activity. Ok, no activity. I have not treaded since May 20th! And I think for a week or two prior to that, it had been kind of hit & miss. So. Changes. You know, my "what can I drink?" dilemma. Sigh. Won't rehash all of it, but I have finally convinced myself how horrible Aspartame really is. It took lots of reading, lots of time & lots of convincing, but I think I'm there. Starting tomorrow, no more diet cokes. No more diet anything. And, I have read that all artificial sweeteners are just horrible (who knew?) & just go with straight sugar. Whatever. No more diet drinks for me. I hope, actually, to go straight water - with an occasional tea or (straight) coke when we go out. Speaking of going out...

I want healthy eating. Less processed food. More raw, more fruits, more vegetables. I've pretty much been doing this for myself (though NO weight loss; as a matter of fact, more weight gain! It's disgusting!!), but now I'm going to include my entire family. I'll be honest - I have no clue how to accomplish this. I have no 'healthy' cookbooks - I'm assuming they make them? Maybe I need websites? I need training! I know that I, personally, completely get tired of not knowing what to eat/eating the same crap over & over. Lots of research to do but I have already informed the fam - it's time to get healthy. And back on the treadmill 5 out of 7 days! Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to it!

Garage sale! OMG. It's July. In Texas. OMG. I swore I would never have another garage sale. And then I swore if I did, it wouldn't be in July. Epic fail! Epic lie! Since discovering that our life is too cluttered & our home is too cluttered & well, we have too much stuff! My garage is already 1/2 full. Ugh. So, garage sale in July in Texas it is. But it's hot. And it's a lot of work. And we have no choice but to do it. So this weekend, preparations will begin. I'm already having a heat stroke & I haven't even started yet.

Shaklee. Thus far, I've kind of just been muttling along. I'm ready to kick it into high gear. I have lots of training to do. That takes a lot of time. But I love the products! Love them. Will never, ever use anything else. They'll have to quit making the products for me to quit, seriously. So, I'll be devoting much, much time (as much as I can, anyway) to get the ball rolling faster. I want everyone to at least try Shaklee products! Proven, effective & natural products.

Still have my own photography business fresh on my mind. Still throwing that around but it's so hot right now, I'm kind of just letting it ride. I think I would enjoy it more when it's cooler. A lot cooler.

Vacation. We had decided to go to Destin, FL for vacation this year, but tonight, we changed our vacation destination to Biloxi, MS! My husband & I went gambling (confession: I LOVE to gamble!!!!!) there before we had babies & well, let's just say, I hit the jackpot. Like, $3,000-$4,000 jackpot. Yes sir e' bob. I tell no lies. (Except for the garage sale one.)

Ok then. I think, that's it. Oh, I found an awesome sea green lamp at Goodwill tonight for $6. Lamp shade not included. Anyway, it matches nothing in my house, but I just fell in love with it! It's kind of...well...retro! I'll post a photo tomorrow.

Happy weekend!

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