Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitten needs a home - LOL

I'm searching on Craig's List for a kennel for Maxi & I read this ad. LOL Too funny!


I will pay someone to come get this kitty

I have a horrible 3 month old kitten have you ever seen the show cat from hell well if you lay down he will nipple your ear and constantly jump on you and he has claws so its not fun. hes definately not a normal cat that likes just to hang out and be self sufficent he will definately jump on you and do anything for attention if that means jump on you 20 times he will
I guess for some that may not be a problem but I have a dog that would like nothing more than to have him for lunch, My 10 year old daughter brought him home from a friend and the friend cant take him back and I really dont want to see him go to a shelter and I dont want anything bad to happen to him the one good thing about him is that he uses the litter box no problem and hes all gray cute kitty just not working for us. Anyways I will pay a few bucks for someone to get him and give him a home he wont stay outside he will stay and climb up your door until he gets in. He has a new bag of litter and some other things So if your up for the challenge please feel free to contact me thank you for your time. And no cruel emails Im trying really hard to find him a home and not a shelter cause I know for a fact that with as many cats they have he will be put down. I am located 20 miles west of fort worth.

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