Friday, March 14, 2008

Another step closer.

To homeschooling. When Bentley came home today & I was reviewing his schoolwork, a sense of peace came over me regarding homeschool. I really haven't had any peace about doing this thus far. However, looking at his schoolwork & knowing what I know now (he is extremely smart & is breezing thru 1st grade...this has nothing to do with intellect), I think there is a strong possibility it will be in his best interest. Not to mention the fact that he learned this week how to "flip people off" (luckily he didn't "get it" so his teacher as well as myself did not punish him), thinks throwing his food is appropriate behavior & now he's learned to make jokes about little boy parts. :)

Should this happen, I will let him finish out the school year since there's pretty much only 2 months left.

I'll yet again begin my homeschooling research. This time though, I'll be reading more in depth.

Here's a list of homeschooling benefits Rebecca emailed me long ago. Very interesting.

Today there are a lot of parents who are starting to homeschool their young children. There are a lot of people who are wondering just why this is now becoming such a trendy thing to do. Well, it is mainly due to the numerous great benefits that homeschooling has to offer. Some of these many benefits include:

1. Positive academic, social, emotional and spiritual benefits.

2. A better education for your child.

3. The
schools have become so dangerous that homeschooling is now a lot safer than sending your child into the war zone that public schools have become.

4. Less exposure to drugs and alcohol. Today 31% of high school students "binge drink" at least once a month. There are also a lot of students who abuse inhalants, drugs and medicine.

5. No emotional bullying such as name-calling, mocking and humiliation. This is what any child that appears "different" is forced to endure. Research shows that those children who undergo this emotional bullying are unable to learn well.

6. Children can be Ritalin-free.
Schools are increasingly labeling typical male behavior as ADD/ADHD. This is also true for thin children who like to move around more.

7. Sexual pressure is removed. Research shows that 81% of children between the ages of 12 and 14 believe that they are pressured into having
sex too early. School culture and sex-ed classes tend to promote that sex is fine because everyone is doing it. Thus, children are dressing and acting sexy at much younger ages. This is true whether the children attend public or private schools.

8. Family
bonds are strengthened. Homeschooling actually brings families closer together. Children are given the time and attention that they need to thrive. Parents are able to really know their children. Siblings are kind and helpful to one another.

9. Better preparation for the real world. Modern
schools only appear to be normal because we have been brought up to accept them as the way things are done. They are actually quite unnatural. You will never spend your day with people who are all your same age doing things that have no foreseeable results.

10. The home offers the best environment for spiritual training. Christians know that Jesus calls them "disciples" not "students." This is because disciples observe and model their teacher's behavior. Even if you are not a Christian you still should ask yourself if you really want your child modeling the behavior of their public school teacher.

(I find #10 quite humorous because when hubby & I went to our "mandatory" parents' conference, Bent's teacher had some nice hickies on the front of her neck. Eww. She wore a scarf that day but did an extremely poor job keeping her night before activities covered.)


rebecca said...

I think it's a great idea to homeschool Cade. As I told you before, Homeschooling Jake is the best thing I have ever done. Besides, if it doesn't work out, you can always re-enroll him in school, but I highly doubt that would be the case :)

Lisa said...

Sending a loud AMEN to #8. Our older boys adore their siblings and I doubt that would have happened without homeschooling because of the huge gap in ages. It allows the time to interact,know one another well and enjoy being together.

rebecca said...

I agree Lisa - there is a 10 year gap between my oldest and youngest. Since I started HS'ing the two of them have become inseperatable. Never would have happened if the 12 year old stayed in school.

April said...

Love homeschooling for ALL the reasons you posted. I really think it is such a great thing for the parent and for the kids! Love, love, love it and so will you, I promise ;)!

Minnie said...

This is me standing up and clapping like a crazy woman for you.

Melissa said...

#10 hits me too because this past week(I am a sub "cafeteria lady") I witnessed teachers and cafeteria staff alike laughing and talking about sexual innuendoes in front of children in the lunch line. They think the kids have no clue so it's ok, I guess. But it won't take much for an inquisitive child to figure something out. I am still trying to decide what route to take about this. It disgusts, and they all should know better.

Good luck in this decision. We talk about it all the time at our house too and I hope it will be possible someday :)

Anonymous said...

Although I tend to disagree with eight out of ten of the points made, I just wanted to say good luck. Homeschooling, if done right, can be beneficial for the child - although, I think a good bit of parents give homeschooling a really lousy name. It sounds as if you are doing your research though, and that Cade will be getting a good education. Good luck to the both of you!

threadbiz01 said...

Go for it!! and good luck with your decision:)

Kristy said...

I homeschool so of course I'm going to back you 100% :) But I'd support you either way also!

To the Anonymous~
I don't think there is a good portion of parents giving homeschooling a lousy name,infact, I think it's just the opposite. The homeschooling rate is getting higher and it's credit is to the fantastic parents homeschooling and sharing with others the blessings involved,the curriculum, the homeschooling support systems etc.. More and more parents are homeschooling and the decision isn't to be taking lightly. Most will do extensive research in making this desion and finding the right curriculum. There is always going to be 'bad seeds' in everything we do,but I don't think alot of them are in the homeschooling category. I highly respect the dozens and dozens of homescooling families I know. Nothing but good things.