Monday, March 17, 2008

The plant, the pool & the private blog.

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago asking if you all could suggest a way I could dress Bentley up as a plant? Christine (& others) suggested gluing leaves to a shirt? I did. And a hat too. Here it is/here they are. lol Now I certainly don't think he looks like a plant. But I certainly do think he could shoot one heck of a buck. :)

His school program was cute, cute, cute. And since he's cute, cute, cute, well, the program was a win/win all the way around. :)

Bents attended his "swim program" on March 7th. His wonderful 'daddy of the year' took off work & went for the entire program. Actually, hubby was quite impressed & said the children weren't in the water long at all & it was well organized. They watched movies & stuff like that. Oh well! I'm glad Bentley got to go & I'm very appreciative he has such an awesome daddy. :)

The private blog. I have mixed feelings about this. I received tons of emails (thank you!) about this. And thank you Sarah, there is a 3rd way I could go private. I can change the blog name completely, I can password protect it and/or I could make it an invite only. I had forgotten about that one. At this point I'm still thinking about it but I'm also thinking "if it ain't broke, why fix it?" So I'm still undecided. This isn't a top priority right now so we shall see. For now it stays public. :)

Bentley & I have a date for his very own photo shoot. Hopefully sometime this week. Spring Break is quickly coming to a close so I hope I can get some cute photos of my almost 7 year old! :)


Mommy Brain said...

He looks GREAT! I'm laughing so hard!!! Thanks for posting such a wonderful photo!

Anonymous said...

Cade looks so cute!!!
Aunt Christa