Sunday, March 23, 2008

My first photo shoot.

My first photo shoot on 'manual', that is. Not bad heh? I intentionally used our wallpaper as background - thought it might look kind of cool grayscaled. It's ok...but not great. I chose the most perfect model, don't you think? He is so handsome. He is so almost 7. He is so growing up too fast.

Blogger will not let me relocate this photo of Jaguar. lol So here she is! Right in the center. I stuck this in here to show what I get when I tell her to smile. She actually has piggie tails in this photo! :)

The end. :)


Melissa said...

Beautiful babies! Your little Man looks so grown and I love little Miss's piggies and "smile" :)

Kristy said...

Cute pics! Can't wait until you get a good feel for it and see what you come up with. How fun :)

ps. Is blogger just being a pain? Do you know how to move pictures,if you don't I'll help you if you need me to. I just uploaded and rearranged mine.

threadbiz01 said...

Good job and perfect subjects;)
Have fun with it!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

katd said...

I'm so excited for you and your photography. You are so talented:) And my goodness, is he growing up so fast? I love the shades:)