Monday, March 10, 2008

Nine weeks old.

Where has the time gone? My girl is getting so big too fast. We cherish her. :)

"Miss January" :)

So peaceful. I love this photo - she's snuggling her burp cloth. Sweet. :)

Isn't she gorgeous? Her complexion is impeccable. :)

Can you see her tear? She's had crocodile tears from day one.

Sooooooooooo happy in daddy's arms. :)

Pretty in pink. She looks like a doll in this photo. Oh wait, she is a doll! :)

"Who are you & are you staying?"

The past week & 1/2 has been a little rough. For whatever reason, Mercedes started projectile vomiting every time she ate. It was awful! We were changing her clothes (& mine) non-stop & washing bunches. I was getting quite nervous because I didn't know what was causing it & I just knew our pediatrician was going to send us straight to a GI specialist. I did not want my baby to have to see another doctor!
Husband & I tried everything we could think of to rectify the issue. We tried feeding her more often, we tried feeding her less often. We tried feeding her more milk, we tried feeding her less milk. We tried feeding her warmer milk, we tried feeding her cooler milk. Nothing. Yesterday it dawned on me that this problem had been occurring about as long as she has been on the thyroid medication. It's already been established Mercedes has severe reflux (she had an upper GI at 2 days old) & she is on 2 medications to treat it. One is given 4 times a day, & one is given 2 times a day. I began to wonder if possibly one of the medications was not getting along well with the thyroid medication. And, if she's spitting up major, why give her the medication anyway? If it's not helping, why put it in her system? So yesterday I stopped the stronger reflux medication. Our pediatrician does not even prescribe this particular medication because of it's strength. It's the one given 4 times a day. So...the next time she was ready for that dose, I skipped it. Instant improvement! The feedings since that time have been wonderful. Thank goodness! Mercedes has her 2 month check up Wednesday so we'll see what our pediatrician says about this. All I know far so good! :)

Hubby is sitting in Oklahoma tonight so I think I'll do some Ebay'ing & edit some photos. I take way too many photos. It's ridiculous really. :) And no, I don't have my new light kit because hubby & I are bickering over it. He wants the "best of the best"...I want something to get me by. Good grief. I have the rest of my studio all planned out though so I'm anxious to get going on it.

Off to bed early! Goodnight! :)


Lisa said...

Oh Melissa, she is so beautiful!! Love all her hair!

Minnie said...

Before I got to the third picture, all I kept thinking was look at that baby's skin. She's BEAUTIFUL!

threadbiz01 said...

Her skin is just perfect:) and so is she...

rebecca said...

She is so beautiful Melissa! Then again all of your kids are! And I must chime in that you are one heck of a photographer. Your pictures of the kids are amazing, studio quality. Maybe you should open your own studio???? :)

Kristy said...

She just keeps getting more adorable every day :) Love all the pictures!! :)