Friday, March 21, 2008


Do you ever do something for yourself & just feel so darn tootin' good about it? :)

I am a very low-maintenance girl. Regarding material things anyway. Hubby told me on our anniversary (when I was trying to negotiate returning the expensive perfume he bought me) that I'm "a simple girl & never ask for anything" (& that I should keep the perfume I love...but ultimately it got returned). He's right. I don't. I do nothing for myself - that's just me. I don't ever buy myself anything, including clothes (until I'm forced to). My entire family is beautifully dressed. Then there is me. :) The only thing(s) I really do for myself is take care of my hair, makeup & earrings. Those three things I am precise on. From the neck down, look out! :) I must have me some pretty toes, too. Pretty toes are always important. Anyway, I don't think much about it because that is who I am & my family comes first. Then me. I like it & prefer it that way.

For some reason (& honestly for a long time now, but I've never acted on my wish) photography has become "my deal". My passion. My goal. Maybe it's because Mercedes is here now. But that makes no sense since I have 3 other children. I don't know. I'm starting to really beat myself up over this because I feel as if I have missed some awesome shots of my children over the past 3 years (I'll say '3' because that is when we purchased our first digital camera). Then I tell myself to stop sweating the small stuff, & start now! So I am. And I did.

My little studio is coming along. I have tons of props on their way (ok, not really props, just some things I think will enhance a photo). I am browsing bukoos of professional photography sites (& man, there are some excellent ones out there! Much impressive talent.) I'm going to take some photography classes. I constantly have new ideas & I've noticed my heart starts beating & a smile beams across my face. And never in my life will I shoot on automatic again! It's manual all the way. I'm all giddy with excitement over something so simple. Gosh I love that word! :)

I'm so glad I'm finally acting on my passion. Should I probably have acted sooner? Yep. Can I change it? Nope. Should I just start now & enjoy every minute & reap the rewards? You betcha! :)

I encourage you to do something for you! It's amazing how even just one small, simple thing can change your attitude. How one small, simple thing can make you happy. Life is too short to be unhappy. Search your soul until you find your passion. Then go for it! Never in life will it be too late to grasp your dream. :)


April said...

I love the photography thing. My finances won't allow me to get a better camera yet, BUT, I do look forwad to the day when I can really go to town with it too!

threadbiz01 said...

Check out my photographers website...

She is so talented. There are some on there of Destiny and even a black and white one of she and I that I love (when she was an infant). Jennifer actually left Virginia and moved to Cary, NC which is about an hour from me. I still used her for my sons senior pics. I just love her work.
Good luck with your photography and have deserve it!!