Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crib bedding.

Before I share this I thought I would take a moment to thank you girls yet again for your sweet, thoughtful comments. I'm really not that amazing. I'm just "real". :) I really appreciate all your comments - they really do mean a lot & I love reading them all. :)

This is Mercedes' new crib bedding I won today on Ebay! No, her room is nowhere near ready. We just now got the boys bunked together (Lord help us). Audi moved in with Bentley (he has a hugeeeeee room thank goodness) & Jaguar we kept in her room. We are finally forcing her to sleep in her big girl bed & I didn't want to put her in a new room at the same time. Too much. So Mercedes gets Audi's old room. I'm sure Jaguar will be quite upset about this when she gets older as Audi's room is substantially larger. :x
Because we live in the Money Pit, Jaguar's room has yet to be redecorated. She still has the same awful pepto-bismal pink walls. Blah. Her new colors have been decided though long ago - pink & browns (with hints of other colors I took from her cutey polka dotted sheets). I put brown in every room of my house now. I'm still undecided about Mercedes' room colors, but my most favorite color is pink & I figured I couldn't go wrong with solid pink chenille. Isn't it delish? I got this for $75 total (I paid $360 for Jaguar's bedding & I hated it so I wasn't going that route again)! Brand new! Woohoo! There were tons of bids on this bedding - every time I bid, some chic kept outbidding me! Oh no you don't girlfriend! So I got Melissa smart. Quite frightening, I know. :) One minute before the auction was up, I upped my bid a couple of dollars, submitted it & the auction ended. Me smart cookie. Me won. :)

The crib furniture we have is cherry so I think this will look beautiful. :)

**I have now taken Mercedes off both of her reflux medications & she is doing awesome! She now is only on her thyroid medication. We've gone from giving her medication 7 times a day to just once. Ahh. :)


Carol said...

yay!!! congrats! The bedding is beautiful and will look absolutely gorgeous on the cherry wood. Nice!!!

April said...

Excellent Ebaying! Yep, very sweet!

Minnie said...

The bedding is beautiful. I love PINK!

Kristy said...

Definately can't go wrong with pink :)Love it.

katd said...

That is gorgeous, you Ebay queen, you! :) You'll have to post nursery pics once you get everything in order...when she's like five, right? That's how Lily's room is - still in "transition." :)