Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday. Part II.

I know why it's called Black Friday. I was half dead by 11:30 a.m.


1.) The weather man was incorrect. It poured rain. I left my umbrella in the car. Every time.

2.) I only ran over one person's foot w/ my heavily-loaded basket. I'm proud to announce no other injuries occurred. :)

3.) I thought I'd be swift & secure my large Sonic Diet Coke in between some broken bars in the basket so it wouldn't tip over. Little did I know the metal edges were sharp (the nerve) & poked a few holes in the styrofoam. You know what's it's like running thru Toys-R-Us, on Black Friday, trying to dodge a few hundred people while attempting to make it to the bathroom before the entire thing dumped all over the floor? Needless to say, I left a little trail. :)

4.) I discovered I talk to myself. A lot. Out loud. And if I'm not talking, I'm whistling. Christmas tunes. I'm quite confident I was very annoying.

5.) I was disturbed approximately 128 times from people asking to read my sales ad. Bring your own, people!

6.) I wasted about 45 minutes waiting for an employee to retrieve me another fire engine from the very top shelf, because the one I chose had a ripped box. I don't do ripped boxes.

This year is history in the making. Never, ever, ever have I completed this much shopping before December 1st. Never. Did I say never? Typically I am a last minute, completely stressed-out frantic woman by December 20th. Not this year. I am not done but oh so close. Getting up @ 6:15 a.m. to fight crowds was totally worth it. Ü

I really want to relax & just enjoy this Christmas season with my miniatures. I say that every year. Inevitably, this is the year! Ü

Did I mention husband informed me the other night we were "blowing the Christmas budget"? Yep. He decided to get the kids a Wii. Considering we have made it all these years with no video games (other than Bentley's Nintendo DS which he just received in April) I said "okey dokey!" Ü

It's now 7:50 p.m. & I am headed to bed. Right after I clear it off because it is covered in Christmas gifts. Where am I going to store all this stuff? Ü

Good night!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had chicken wings last night.

Bentley: "And this is the tibia..." LOL

We took a drive last night & Jaguar spotted Christmas lights:

Jags: "But we haven't had Thanks Forgiving yet!"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I found this little guy today @ Target. He's part of a precious little collection they currently carry. This particular little guy tugged @ my heart. Then jumped in my cart. Ü

Being a parent is the most beautiful opportunity I've ever been trusted with. The love, the tears, the laughs & the memories. The opportunity to shape & mold & build little beings. The opportunity so many pray every night to experience.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

We have so much to be thankful for. Yet so many are hurting & their vision is fogged. Finances are dim. Jobs have dissipated. Many have lost a loved one. Someone is dying of cancer. Others are ill. Homeless. Lonely. Heartbroken. So many can't see the light thru the dark.

But there is light. And it is shining bright for all to see.

On Thanksgiving, above all you are thankful for, I hope you remember we have been given the free gift of salvation. His name is Christ.

I have given my testimony several times but here's the very short version.

I was not a Christian until I was 30. I was surrounded by Christians - most of my friends & employees were Christians. Yet I was not. At work we often discussed religion. I never understood it. And even though I inquired, no one showed me the way. I don't fault them -that's just the way it was. I was headed to hell & I had absolutely no idea.

One Sunday morning I was watching a church service on tv. It was a mega church in Dallas. A Baptist church, I believe. That church not only spoke with me over the phone & mailed me the most valuable information ever, more importantly they (strangers) showed me the way. They showed me the light. I will be forever grateful.

Tomorrow I will thank God for what He has offered all of us, & for what Christ endured to secure my place in Heaven.

Tomorrow I pray you recognize all you have to be thankful for. Jobs. Finances. Family. Health. Homes. Children running amock. New babies. But most of all, please remember to thank God. If not for Him, we would have nothing to be thankful for. Including the most important - Christ.

If you are not sure if you have a secure place in heaven, please email me. It would be my pleasure to help & listen any way I can. I won't do it perfectly. I may not do it properly. But I can help & I can get you pointed in the right direction. Don't wait. No one helped me - it would be my pleasure to help you.

Wishing you all love & blessings on Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Audi was helping me take hangers to the laundry room.

Jaguar: When I get bigger, I gonna help you!

Me: When you get bigger, you are going to help me?

Jaguar: Yep.

Me: Wooooohooooooo! You bet your booty, woman! Ü

Ammunition. :o)

Monday, November 24, 2008

10 quirks about me.

1.) I often walk around imitating people & impersonating celebrities (Julia Childs is the best - is/was that her name?). I'm pretty good. My kids actually try to use my accents. Ü

2.) I'm a rhymer. I like to rhyme. Everything. I'm surprised I don't blog/type-rhyme. Ü

3.) I have a window in my shower that I set my shampoo/conditioner on. The shampoo must be on the left. Always.

4.) I'm a prankster. Hence, "Saturday's chaos." payback. :) One time before we had kids, husband was taking a shower & I was cleaning the other bathroom. For whatever reason I decided to pour ketchup all over myself & lay on the floor so he would come in & find me & think I was dead. Ha! He came in alright. And then he said (completely unbothered by his findings) "what the hell are you doing?" LOL Ü

5.) When I purchase something at a store, I will go thru every single one to find the least damaged. Such as a Christmas decoration. I will actually sit on the floor with all of them piled up as I go thru them & then hang them all back up when I'm done. It's very annoying. Best part? My husband now does it too. Hahaha.

6.) I do not let my children eat off my plate or drink out of my drink. Very true.

7.) When I hear my own voice I think "there is no way I sound like that". People used to phone our home & when I answered, they would ask to speak to my parent. It doesn't happen much anymore. Want to phone me now? LOL

8.) I do not allow wire hangers in our home. I dunno. :)

9.) When it was election time, I wanted to jack w/ our neighbors. We have a corner lot = 2 front yards. I wanted to put a McCain/Palin sign on one side & Obama/Biden on the other. LOL I never ordered the signs though but I should have.

10.) We eat off of paper plates 9 out of 10 times so I don't have to warsh plates. Ü

And there you have it. :o)

A few years ago I listed 100 things about myself. It was on my previous blog. I'll have to find that list & repost it. It's very entertaining. Ü I still need to repost Audi's staple incident too.

Black Friday. Update.

Updates are now at the top. :)

Thank you for the comments/information! You've gotten us on the right track! The only thing I can't figure out is when the newpaper comes out? Is it actually on Thanksgiving Day? We'll find it. If you have anymore tips let me know!

I just saw via the internet that WM will have laptops starting @ $299! And Kohl's opens @ 4:00 a.m. I'd hate to be employeed there! LOL :)


Is that what it's called? The shopping day the Friday after Thanksgiving?

I've never gone out, I've never been able to. Hubby always works on that day. But this year he isn't. Which means I can get out early in hopes of accomplishing some good shopping sales.

How do you find out what stores are opening early & what is on sale? We have no idea. We've heard (from people) of great sales, listing specific items, but how do you find out about them? We wonder if there is a newspaper that is released the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, or something? We are totally clueless.

Anyone have any insight? Thanks! Ü

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I feel like I've won the lottery.

Remember? It's the simple things, really. :)

I owe Christine a shout-out. Rebecca you will loveeeeeeeeee this site. Right now I'm reading under her cleaning label.

Thanks Christine! Ü

Husband just did a trial run on her homemade disinfectant wipes (paper towels cut in half soaked in rubbing alcohol. But does alcohol indeed disinfect? Killing viruses, such as Staph?)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hearts & flowers.

"How do I look?" she asked, so proud of dressing herself. Ü

I no longer change their clothes if they look a mismatch. :)

I read long ago, on a blog of a photographer, that she no longer redresses her young children. She said she's letting them "express themselves". For some reason that struck me, & I now do the same. Ü

(photos inside, manual, no flash.)

Saturday's chaos.

Husband had a job to go pick up this morning, so he took the three oldest with him.

When they got home, hubby came in huffing. Screaming mad. Which is so not typical for him.

The kids came in upset.

Husband: All of you get in time out! NOW!!!

He was fuming.

Me: Oh my goodness, what did they do?

Husband: You are never going with me again! That was the last time!!!

All three are in timeout. Well not really Jaguar, she was still running amock. No surprise there.

Bentley: Fine! We don't ever want to ride in your dirty truck again anyway!

I gasped. Out loud. I actually covered my mouth with my hand, in shock.

I thought to myself 'oh my, Bentley's going to die today! I cannot believe he just said that! He's never going to take another breath!'

And then, they all jumped up & yelled "PSYCHE! Gotcha!"

And they did.

I'm still recovering.


Love fun. Not particularly when it's at my expense, but they did good. Ü

Friday, November 21, 2008

This face.

My apologies. I just can't help myself. Not only is her face adorable, but I was playing with my dying camera today too. At least it's still hanging in there. Ü

This first one was taken inside, on manual, no flash, in the kitchen. Which basically means it's a miracle it even turned out. ;o)

This 2nd one is outside (late yesterday afternoon), on manual, with flash. This is her true smile so I had to keep it. It matters none that she has drool all.over.her.shirt. Ü

My plan is to repost Audi's head splitting episode that transpired last year. I hope to do that tonight. Family permitting. Ü Slowly I hope to incorporate all my posts from my previous blog to this blog. :)

Happy Friday! Ü

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Between husband & I. And Jaguar. Sort of. Ü

Jags was on the potty. She didn't come out. Hubby went in to check on her. While exiting, he says "I'm going to let your mom handle this one." He came out with a bewildered expression on his face.

Him: This one's yours. She says...her boobs are hurting.

Me: What? She doesn't have boobs. (Remember I have a laughing problem. Here it came.)

Him: That's what she said.

Me: In between snorts I say "But she's never heard that word" as I reluctantly enter the bathroom.

Now thankfully, in the master bathroom, the potty is in it's own little room.

Me: (whispering) I can't ask her anything because I'm laughing too hard.

I peek around the corner & see Jags graciously parked on the potty, in her cutsie ballerina jammies, awaiting my arrival.

At that time I again think of the boobie comment & my hand starts banging the wall. Really, I can't control this. I really do have a laughing issue at times I shouldn't laugh. Remember how hubby almost had to drag me out of worship one time? Ü

Hubby saves the day & reasks her what is bothering her. To which she replies "my booboo is hurting me, my foot".


All is well except I am left wondering how I am going to handle my children growing & their 'situations' that come alongside it.

I told hubby I'm doomed. I just laugh too much. ♥

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I opened the pantry tonight.

Before I said anything, she said it.



Way to go Mercedes! Ü

Natural lighting.

This is exactly why I love natural lighting.

The eyes.

I simply adore how natural lighting enhances the eyes. The reflection of the light is beautiful to me.

In these particular photos the natural lighting is probably a tad excessive. But inside my house I have to get creative to capture natual lighting & this angle is a bit awkward. Making the reflection a bit much. Nonetheless, gorgeous to me.

These photos are also a hint overexposed. If I had a choice, I would always underexpose. But I love them all. Even the uh, flyaway hair. Ü

Here's a little tear:

Below is my favorite:

Yes I coordinated the ball color. Ha!

Hard to believe my baby is 10 1/2 months old.

Isn't she just precious? She was really precious yesterday while she was eating the dog's food.

I'm waiting for the barking to begin. ;o)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots of nothing.

This really is just a post to try a last resort layout.

Hopefully to prevent 'paragraph slamming'. I guess I label everything. :)

This child. Who desperately needs a haircut.

We are bickering.

I want his hair to grow out. He's so cute with longer hair. He's cute with any style, actually. He wants his hair cut way short. Again. "I'm tired of this hair!" he says as he yanks on it.

So we'll see who'll win. Probably me. I am the mom, after all. And I do the cuttin'. Ü

This photo was a QS. With flash. Love the shadow. That's why I like natural light. :) But I was actually testing a different white background.

DWTS - Brooke was awful. I kinda hope she doesn't win. Though I'm sure she will.

Lance & Lacey brought it tonight. :)

Still hoping Warren makes the finals. Love that guy!

I bet Cody is out tomorrow night - unless Julianne can pull him through.

And she sings tomorrow night. I love to hear her sing. Ü

I'm mentally trying to line out the holidays & birthdays.

Thanksgiving & Christmas, of course.

Six days after Christmas, New Year's Eve, is Audi's birthday.

One day after that, New Year's Day, is Jaguar's birthday.

Five days after that, is Mercedes' first birthday. (sniff sniff)

I'm good, but I don't think I'm that good.

I'm going to publish now & see if this post represents prim & proper! Ü

Friday, November 14, 2008

What a difference a day makes.

Ok. Blogger is not cooperating tonight. I've added to this post so I'll just start over. :)

My camera seems to be working again. Which is a good thing, especially with Christmas right around the corner. If we can just make it thru Christmas then we can reevaluate. :) Husband thinks the camera sensor is going out, but I'm telling you, he has no idea what he is talking about. ;o)

Below is Mercedes with a pony tail. I dunno. I'm thinking Sumo Wrestler. Ü

Upset Sumo:

Somewhat happy Sumo:

Took this photo of Bentley this afternoon. Isn't he a cute subject? Ü

Photos were taken inside, on manual, no flash. How did I get so blessed with such cute kids? Ü

Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Insanely beautiful.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I think she is insanely beautiful. This photo does not do her justice. And she looks so grown up here. I can't believe she will turn 4 on New Year's Day.

Photo on Auto w/ flash. Hopefully tonight I can gain some leeway regarding my camera. Huband says there is 'something' I need to do to it. I hope it involves a hammer. Ü

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who's there?

I thought the above photo was pretty cute. :) I caught her peeking out the back door at our yard guy.

The above photo was shot on Auto w/ flash. Sadly, I have discovered my camera is dying a slow death. Shucks. ;o) The photo below is one of the last I was able to capture on manual (inside, no flash, forgot to change my AV again!) & it certainly is not a great photo. Nonetheless, I thought it was cute of her piggies. :) So, most of the photos to come will probably be shot on Auto until I figure out what is going on with my camera or, get a new one. I opt for the latter. Ü

Husband just returned from being in Minnesota for 3 days. Now that he's back I hope to spend some time editing the hundreds of photos I have & studying some more on photography.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The chase.

First I chase her. Often. :)

Then she chases me while I vacuum. :)

I've never had a baby that loves the vacuum. It's quite annoying actually. Ha! I don't accomplish much. Ü

No more chasing. :) Yep, that's a sheet I keep over my carpet in the family room. With her drooling & occasional spit up, I felt the need to protect our carpet from permanent damage. The sheet sure is ugly, but it sure is working. Ü (Katie, she's sucking her two fingers here. :)

Mercedes is 10 months old now. She still is not walking, but all she needs to do is let go. She's walking behind toys & she'll walk with Bentley. The rest of us, not so much. Well, just to be clear, we do walk with Bentley, but Mercedes won't walk with us. :)

She certainly hasn't dwindled any in size. ;o) She currently weighs a tad over 25 lbs. & is almost 30" long. To say the least, she is h.e.a.v.y. In the photo below, she's eatin' chickin'! The real deal. Loves it. Tonight she had a fishstick. She's putting those 8 teeth to good use. :) I have a feeling she'll be weaned off baby food soon. And boy does she have an appetite. She's down to 5 1/2 oz. per feeding but that doesn't seem to matter. Heeheee... Ü

She says "uuuhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" & "mamama". That's it for now. No more "dada". She doesn't wave, but there's no need to. ;o) Her giggle is infectious & she'll now push your hands off when you're tickling her. I must learn soon how to upload videos. Just haven't had the time.

She gets cuter by the day & honestly, I didn't think that was possible.

Love my little blessing. Ü

(Photos taken on Auto w/ flash.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

For McCain!
All this time I've been an Obama supporter. I don't know you guys. It's weird. All of a sudden, I changed my mind? The day of? Wait, I do know. God spoke. I listened. And when I'm convicted of something, I act. I don't question (or I try not to but hey, I am human :). I know I made the right vote for me. Ü
Ironic how He showed me the "one sentence" just in the nick of time. :)
Oh Lynn's going to be so proud of me! Just wait till she reads this! Ü
If you voted for Obama, you did what was right for you. I still love you just the same. Heck, I was with you until today. LOL I applaud you for voting! :)
Now we wait.

(Why is Blogger running all my paragraphs together? That was supposed to be all spaced out & pretty!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This and that.

This - I don't know why I bother to wash the floors. I say wash, so now I spell it that way. I washed my floors yet I have a drool machine that crawls as fast as she can all the while a line of saliva is pouring out her mouth. Then she crawls thru it. Then we walk thru it. Blah. Then a open cup of juice slipped out of my hands. I wiped it up - that don't work. I guess I know what lies ahead for tomorrow.

That - I bought a big ol' jug of Shout at Sam's a while back. Tonight, the trigger broke. Peachy. What am I going to do now? Just pour the Shout on the clothes? Speaking of Shout, have you ever used the Shout Color Catchers? Those things darn tootin' work. I've used them for quite some time but I really put them to the test the other night. I needed to wash a new purple shirt of Bentley's for school. I hate the color purple, meaning I don't buy anything purple, so I had no other purple clothes to wash w/ it. I needed some padding so I threw in a pure white old t-shirt. And a Shout Color Catcher. The white shirt is still completely WHITE. Those things rock.

This - I bought the first season of Reba on DVD. Reba is my all time favorite show. I love funny shows. So I've been lost in Reba land as of late. I am allowing myself to buy one season every time I go to Wal-Mart. It's the simple things really. :)

That - I CAN VOTE! Seems hubby & I are currently suspended. Our renewals were returned (thanks to the new people who moved in our previous house - we know them, they know where we live, & they know our good friends live right across the street from them - yet instead of giving our renewals to them, or phoning us, or whatever, they just sent the suckers back. Nimrods.) but we can still vote & fill out a form when we get there.

This - I'm having an issue w/ Obama. Ha! Naturally the abortion issue, but, I don't focus on that because I am certain if McCain gets in office abortions will still be legal. :( However, I have an issue w/ Obama penalizing people who make more money - people who make more money are already penalized & are in a different tax bracket. Sigh. Who will I vote for...? Probably still Obama. I do think Obama will win, regardless.

That - If I see McCain give a double thumbs up one more time...

This - I bought 2 new vacuums this weekend. 1 big & 1 small. One just for my bathroom. Who does that? I have a vacuum fetish & now I have 4 total. I dunno.

That - Tomorrow I will blog about Price Matching! And Lynn I'll address your CVS Free Bucks question too.

This - Halloween decorations are down. Christmas decorations will be put up very soon. :) I have purchased three small Christmas gifts already. If you know me, this is a record. I'm typically the last minute all-stressed-out person. Christmas music is playing in our house, too. Hubby is not amused. :)

That - the treadmill is pretty much sparklin' clean. We all know what that means!

Bye for now! Ü

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We tricked & we treated.
We came home pooped but sweet'ed. Ü

The Hershey's Kiss:

The princess:

The bat:

The transformer:

All four:

Waiting patiently:

Why did the witch never have kids?

'Cause she discovered the mummy had a halloweenie. Ü

I know I know, so lame. LOL

(All photos are taken on Auto w/ flash. No time for anything better!)