Sunday, March 29, 2009

New lens Take II.

I'm thinking we're going to get along just fine. ☺

As a matter of fact, I ♥ my new lens!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Audi's new contusion.

Does a mom know her children, or what? ☺

Let me back up. (I know, I do that alot. :)

When Audi broke his arm, we had to rearrange the carseats. Because of Audi's size, he is still in a 5 point harness carseat. He's old enough, technically, to be in a booster, but he's so small, we haven't upgraded him yet. Safety comes first. :) He was in the 3rd row w/ Bentley, but now he is in the 2nd row, in a booster, because it's easier w/ his cast on & I can now get to him easier to buckle him up.

Recently Audi's finding it humorous to lean up against his door before being strapped in. Hubby went to buckle him up this a.m. & when he opened the door, Audi started to fall out, but hubby was able to catch him. We told him no more of that, blah, blah, blah.

This afternoon as we were fixing to leave, hubby backed my car out of the garage & into the driveway. The garage is level, but our driveway has an incline. This particular trip I went to buckle Audi up. I opened his door, not knowing he had once again leaned against it & when I opened it, he came flying out. It happened so quick, I could only watch in disbelief. He went headfirst, down about 2 1/2 -3 feet, & landed bluntly on his head. On the driveway's pebblestone. With a broken arm. The force of the hit was so hard, I actually heard the hollow thunk.

It hurt him. He was crying pretty good & sadly, as I began to check him out, hubby & I started laughing. At this point, what else can ya do? ☺ We sat there for some time letting him gather his wits & I ran inside & retrieved some (more) Motrin. (Audi may need to attend Motrinholic's Anonymous when this is all said & done. :) Finally when we left, should we have had to take him back to Cook Children's, hubby & I discussed how we would explain 'this one'. LOL

Audi was just there 5 days ago, with a broken arm, & then of course in his records show where they administered staples in his head. We have three other children. No incidents. But this same kid obviously seems to be a repeat patient.

The contusion is actually quite large, but we couldn't get all his hair moved around so it would show in the photo.

Today hubby caught him jumping off three more stairs. Honestly, what am I going to do? I was going to put him in time-out for jumping, but then he went & hurt his head so I let him off. ☺

Michelle asked me if Audi is a daredevil. I really don't think he is. I think he is just all boy & clumsy. I also believe that because he is so short, he falls more. Part of that though is because he runs everywhere & he just trips constantly. As he is getting older & growing, the falling is improving. Hubby thinks the boy just has no fear.

I just hope we can get thru the next 3 1/2 weeks with this cast on. Right now, I just don't dare say we will. ☺

Friday, March 27, 2009

New lens.

My new lens. Not fond of it but, I haven't had much time to play. We'll be sort of housebound this weekend ('cause it's freezing here again!!) so I'll try again tomorrow.

I also shot this one in RAW. Inside, manual, no flash, adjusted WB (what a difference! Can't believe I typically don't adjust the WB).

Mercedes has some junk in her hair & on her forehead because she now touches her hair & says "pwitty". Teehee. Daddy taught her that one. She's sleepy here 'cause she's sucking her fingers. ☺

*This photo is SOOC. I uploaded the unedited version by mistake. "Adjusted white balance" was done on the camera itself, not in post processing.


Audi: Mom my feet keep hurting in my shoes!

Me: Ok, where? Show me exactly where on your feet that they keep hurting.

(He's wearing somewhat new Stride Rites so I needed him to elaborate - toes? ball? heel?)

Audi: Down here.

Me: (pointing) There?

Audi: Down here on my paws!


I always knew he was an animal! And that is why I'm certain he's going to break his broken arm. You wait. I can't tell you how many times this boy has already fallen. And it's week one. ☺

I splurged.

So I went shopping today. Not extravagant shopping, just necessary shopping. Oh, thrill. :)

I very, seldom buy anything for myself. I did just purchase a new camera lens, but that's the first in a very long time. And it wasn't that expensive.

Today I'm telling you, I splurged. I didn't even think twice about it! I just threw that sucker in my cart & off I went. Tickled pink, might I add. ☺

I bet you are just dying to know what I bought. I bought something that I have never bought before. Never. I bought something that makes me all giddy (besides my new camera lens & new camera I'm fixing to to buy out of necessity 'cause you know mine's been dying for quite some time now) inside. Makes me all happy happy. You know what else? What I purchased today could change my life forever. Oh that's right, people. Could change my life forever.

Let me now show you my latest indulgence:


Without further ado:


The Ped Egg! ♥ ☺ ♥ ☺ ♥ ☺

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The casted Cub.

The casted kid Cub received a permanent cast today. For some reason, I think because he has done so well & his pain had become minimal, I was hoping the dr. was just going to say "oh, it's ok" (LOL) & let it be. No such luck. A mom can hope, can't she? So, he's in this permanent cast for 4 weeks. That's certainly better than 6 weeks! The dr. also said with this type of break, typically the kids dislocate their elbow too & with Audi, that isn't the case. Good job Audi! ☺

I had hubby snap these as they were assembling the permanent cast. Photos are auto w/ flash. Heck, I'm just glad he actually got Audi in the photo. ;o)

My boy loves his cast. What a nutjob. ;o) The dr. did stress "no jumping". I don't think we can accomplish that one. Not with this particular boy. He lives to jump. I continue to find him 'knocking' on his cast - he's fascinated it's plaster. ☺

Tonight was his first T-Ball game. Bummer! But hey, didn't he do good matching the color of his cast with his uniform? Ü What-a-kid. I think this color of blue looks awesome on him, too. He suited up & attended his first game, even though he didn't play. Hubby is semi-coaching so he had to go anyway. Thankfully Audi will only miss 4 weeks of games.

Would you believe the dr. told Audi he could play T-Ball? I couldn't believe it! They don't recommend football (obvious reasons) or soccer, but T-Ball, no problem! Mom (that's me) overrode that one. Um, no (I think?). ☺ I've already got a battle on my hands. Audi is adamant about playing, especially since the dr. gave her 'ok'. Thanks doc. Next game is Friday night, so we'll see. Audi didn't play tonight, but his arm is already hurting tremendously.

The guys were running late to get going, but I was able to snap a few photos. He is so cute handsome. I ♥ my boy! Below photos are taken on manual, no flash.

Here's my casted Cub. :)

I discovered something else today, too. Typically I am the parent who attends all dr./hospital visits with the children (even though hubby does come with me if his schedule allows). As you know, hubby has been accompanying Audi to the dr./hospital with his broken arm. I noticed last Thursday night (hospital) & again today, I am a nervous wreck when I'm not there. So, mom steps back up to the plate (no pun intended ;o) once again. Which I am more than happy to do. Sorry dad! ☺

Glad we haven't purchased the cleats yet. Ü Audi has to return to the Orthopedic Surgeon next week so they can x-ray his arm & be assured it is healing properly. Gosh I pray it is!

Let the four weeks begin! ☺

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring *Break*.

Spring Break - that term now has a whole new meaning. ☺

This is the photo hubby snapped of Audi Thursday night in the hospital. He was watching tv. He makes himself comfortable. :)

The below photo is what Saturday Friday looked like (I typed Saturday by mistake - the day was actually Friday, even though Saturday looked quite similar :). Housebound. Here is everyone watching Daddy Daycare. Funny, that's exactly what it looks like hubby has there. ☺

Mercedes passed the time playing in the sink. She'll do this for hours. She has watched the big kids wash their hands here, so she attempts to wash her hands too. She can't reach the sink, she's standing on the stools. :) When it's time to turn off the water (first of all it's wasteful, second of all she soaks herself & the bathroom) she gets tee'd. We have a screaming match for quite some time until we can divert her attention. Look how happy she is playing here. Ü

Below Audi's chilling w/ Kosh. Audi's arm hurt quite severely Friday. I kept him on Motrin, even upping his dosage a tad & admistering it a little more often than suggested. I know I shouldn't do it but I had to do something. I hate it that he hurts. Today (Saturday) his arm didn't hurt as much which was great. I'm hoping the pain somewhat begins to dissipate.

Comments from the casted kid:

"Daddy, my arm was hurting so bad, I twied to wake you up but you wouldn't get up. So I just went back to bed & twied to handle it."

"Mom, how am I going to be able to get in my carseat evewy day so we can go get you your Diet Coke?" - awwww. :o)

The guy at the hospital was amazed with Audi' sophisticated vocabulary. He talks so big. I attribute that to me talking to my children like they are people, & not babies. ☺

He was on the phone w/ Hillary one night & I believe she asked him why he didn't like soccer. He responded with "well, it's not the fact I don't like it...". Ha! What 5 year old says that?

"Mom, take this thing (temporary cast) off. I'm tired of it." Great. He's in for a shocker. The permanent cast isn't even on yet. :(

Yesterday we ran an errand & he jumped out of my car after arriving home. Then he went upstairs to put his shoes away, & I caught him jumping off three steps onto the landing!

I'm anticipating the next 6 weeks as follows:

Me: Audi sit down!! Audi get off of that!! Audi stop jumping!! Audi don't do that!! Audi put that away!! Audi knock it off!! :)

As long as his pain doesn't intensify, I think we'll be ok. And once I get him wrapped in bubblewrap, too. 'Cause he'll be the kid that breaks his broken arm. ☺

*Photos, including the photos in the below post, are taken on auto w/ flash.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Temporary cast.

Yesterday as Audi was up on his bunk getting ready for his nap, he said he heard a "pop" & his left arm instantly starting hurting bad. Then it didn't hurt. Then it did hurt. Then it didn't hurt. So we watched it & monitored it, not really knowing what to think. We asked him if he felt like playing outside & he said yes. So out we went, assuming he was 'milking' some sort of bump.

Today he was complaining again. It hurt. Then it didn't hurt. Then it did. We kept asking more questions & he kept saying he had no idea how he hurt his arm. Then it hurt again. Then it didn't. So he went to T-Ball practice & hubby said he really favored his left arm the entire time. When they got home, I fed him dinner, tossed him in the shower & hubby (I sat this one out :) ran him to Cook Children's for an x-ray.

Hubby said he saw the x-ray. He thought the bone looked fine. Dr. came in & said his arm is fractured! What? Fractured! Temporary cast tonight - permanent cast tomorrow.

And this darn cute kid just keeps smiling thru it all! There is NO keeping this boy down. And that's why he's had staples in his head & now a cast on his arm. LOL

He's so giddy tonight I'm not sure I can get him to sleep. We've moved his mattress downstairs in the living room because I cannot risk him 1.) being upstairs & 2.) anywhere near those bunk beds, even though we would make him sleep on the bottom until the cast is off. Booger cannot be trusted. ☺

The more we are talking, now we're hearing something different. I figured as much. ☺ Now he's saying that when he was pulling his covers up to cover himself up, he accidentally slammed his left arm down & his elbow smacked the wood, his forearm hit his plastic bed rail. That is when he heard the "pop".

There goes T-Ball! First game was next week. :(

Hubby said when they were leaving the hospital, a male nurse yelled "I have a feeling we'll be seeing you again."

Oh yeah, they will. ☺

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On a mission.

First I just want to thank you girls once again for your sweet comments regarding my dad. Like I tweeted, I didn't expect any comments at all, so your comments were such a sweet surprise. Thank you much for your prayers & kind words. ☺

In other news, we decided yesterday not to move. Yesterday after Chuck E. Cheese, we went back (again) to the town we had decided on & drove around in length. We like it there. We weren't 'wowed' there. After weighing our pros & cons, we decided not to make the move. We aren't overly thrilled with the style of homes there, we weren't blown away with their water park & parks (compared to what we have here), & their schools have full day Kindergarten too. One of my goals, also, was to move closer to shopping. With four children, I shop often. Not all the time, but sometimes you just have to go buy some clothes. Living here, I have to drive 20+ minutes to a mall (depending on which one choose) & sometimes I'd like to be able to drive 10 or 15 minutes tops to run in & retrieve what I need. Low & behold, last Friday I was driving around & I found a new store, that I frequent often, that has been added in a town right up the road. Very convenient. As a matter of fact, we went there today. It was nice not having to drive 30 minutes to visit that particular store. Funny how it popped up while we were contemplating our decision. :)

Our home here is nice. It's beautiful, actually. It's a custom home on a nice piece of property. Spite all the problems, we have decided to stay & start working & renovating. Slowly. ☺ All the while hoping our neighbors die or move. Ha! ;o) So La Money Pit it is. After looking & talking & discussing & searching the realtors & talking & looking some more (to relocate), all with no luck, I'm just fine with that. :)

Today we went outside to play. It was great to release some built up energy.

On a mission:


Bentley: (pausing to get his seat raised on his bike)

Mercedes: (who won't walk past a leaf, especially if the wind is blowing it)

And Jaguar:

Then I looked up & spotted this little mother tucked in the corner of our gutter. Obviously she is on a mission herself. :)

So welcome home to us. Oh. We are home. ♥

And lastly - I snapped this photo of Audi last night. I caught him watching Polar Express with his 3D glasses on. Too funny. ☺ Yes I am making him wear socks on his hands again to keep him from biting his fingernails. Ha!

Happy Spring Break! ☺

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reality = Devastation.

History of my father is this - severe (that word is not strong enough but it's all I can think of) alcoholic. 'Alive dead' in 2006. God healed him. All family & friends of his he has alienated. Been in jail 3 times (2 recent times were 6 weeks each - & he was in the big place - Tarrant County jail - a place no one wants to be). After jail, he could not return to his home because his wife has a restraining order against him. Because he is alone, he had no where to go. Recently we found out he has been living out his car. This time I think he had been homeless for approximately 5 or 6 days.

My brother, who has a very strained relationship w/ my dad (because my father becomes mean, cruel & belligerent when drinking) & I finally decided to do what we could to help. Again, only because the vision of our father being homeless was more than our hearts could bear. Sure, it's all his fault, the bad decision after bad decision - none-the-less, he's our father & nothing he does will change that. Financially, we are all in distress. But we got it together, for dad.

My brother lives out in the country in a small town, next to a popular larger city. I was able to locate the newspaper via the internet & found the most perfect place for rent, for my dad. Lots of phone calls later I was able to secure his new home. A very strong Christian guy owns the place & everything fell into place more perfect than I ever could have dreamed. Monday I drove down (thank God I didn't have the kids - at first, hubby & all of us were going to go), hooked up w/ my dad, my brother's wife & off we went. Let me state my dad's health is extremely poor (due to drinking). When I first saw my dad, which was the first time in over a year, my thought was "I'm not so sure he can live alone". But off we went anyway. We put him in a small town outside of my brother's small town. LOL Out in the country, to say the least.

The stipulation to help my dad was this - plain & simple - we yet again would help him, with the understanding if he took so much as ONE drink, my brother & I were done. And next time, well, there wouldn't be a next time. This lifestyle w/ my father is beginning to takes it's toll on my brother, as well as myself. My brother laid it on the line. No BS. The drinking stops, or next time he'll stay homeless. My dad agreed.

When I first met up with my father, he had not been drinking (he has hardly any money - so he couldn't afford any). I was thrilled & hopeful. It took about 20 minutes to reach his new home. After we arrived, I got out of my car to tell him something & when he answered me, Vodka hit me in the face. I don't have to 'hunt' for it - I was raised with it. My nose is trained (isn't that pathetic?). There was no doubt. I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I let it go & tried to convince myself "no way". He wouldn't! My brother made it clear. He gave his son his word. Surely not. Not this time.

My sister-in-law, "C" & I had gathered lots of staples he needed to get started. Sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths, soap, a little food, utensils, etc. "C" got him settled as I drove all the way back to the big town to retrieve...$432 cash. His deposit & prorate until April. When I returned, "C" commented that my dad kept telling her she'd "better go now". "C" knew not to leave until I got back so she fiddled around until I arrived. She stated to me that she could smell alcohol & that my brother (he was out on a job & couldn't be with us) was going to be devastated. She also stated she found a small, empty vodka bottle under his front seat of his car (he has always stashed his bottles there) & she's pretty sure she caught him quickly stuffing one into his suitcase. I didn't know what to do - so we just kept chatting with him, doing this & that, all the while he kept telling us to go. Finally, we did. "C" & I stood outside my dad's trailor chatting for bit before leaving. He didn't know we were there. We saw him come out of his trailor & sit in a chair. I thought nothing of it. We told him goodbye & off we went.

"C" went home (my dad now lives about 6 minutes beyond them) & I pulled into a little donut store in "C"'s town to return some missed calls to hubby. I was out of my car talking when I thought I saw my dad's car zoom by. This is out in the country, so there ain't a lot of cars & my dad's car is a little unique (like a bright red fire engine). At that time, "C" beeped in so I switched over to her call, & told her I thought my dad just drove by. I told her I was going to find out, so I got in my car, gassed it & caught up. Oh yah, it was him. And I knew exactly where he was going.

I finagled around enough so he never saw me. He was at a drive thru window - right as the clerk was about to hand TWO big jugs of Vodka out the window, I got out of my car, ran as fast as I could, & stood between him & the clerk at the window. Busted. He started his typical crap "oh those aren't mine, I'm here for soda pops", blah, blah, blah. People were lined up behind my dad & I stood there & made a scene. I was screaming & yelling, grabbing the vodka (as the clerk kept grabbing it was hysterical, I think he thought I was going to steal it). My anger went something like this "What the hell are you doing???? I just spent $432 that I don't have to find you a place to live!!!!! You were homeless!!!!! You've been living out of your damn car!!!!! How can you do this??????? What the hell is wrong with you?????? I haven't been gone 5 minutes!!!!!" I was shaking uncontrollably & my dad sped off, leaving me standing there. I offered my apologies to everyone who witnessed, explaining the situation. The nice clerk told me "honey, if he doesn't buy it from me, he's going to get it somewhere else". Yah, no kidding, sir. I've been doing this a long time. I had the guy confirm that my dad did indeed ask for the Vodka, & he said yes. I asked him how much he was buying (I don't buy alcohol, so I didn't know the amount other than the 'jugs' were large). He said each jug was 1/2 gallon. My dad was buying two.

I drove around looking for my dad but couldn't find him. I phoned hubby & told him I was going back out to his trailer & take back everything I had taken him. Hubby told me to do what I thought I should. I mean really, if he has enough money for Vodka (they were $10 each, btw), he could buy his own damn crap. As I drove the quiet drive, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I figured he wasn't there but when I pulled up, he was getting out of his car. Calmly, I confronted him again.

"I was not buying that stuff." "Stop with all the lies!" I said. It went on & on. It was a calm conversation. I begged him two times to please take a shower, I would wait, & take him to the hospital to get him some help. He refused. I told him I spent money that I/we didn't have, to come to his rescue again. And I can't believe he did that. I told him he would never see me again & his response was "bye" (he's a totally sarcastic smarta$$ when he chooses to be). As I walked off, I opened his car door & felt under his seat for the empty bottle. It wasn't there. I said "you're good". I left.

I drove to "C"'s & talked w/ her for a while & then headed out for my 1 1/2 hour drive home. I didn't get home until 7:30 p.m.

This morning he called. I answered. He apologized (numerous times) & said he was embarrassed & ashamed. I told him he should be. He said he's trying to phone my brother. I informed him not to do that. I told him he's devastated & hurt. I again told him not to contact me until he would like my assistance getting him into a treatment facility. He told me the drinking is done - he just wanted a drink to relax (which I knew - I even told hubby that) - he was wrong & it wouldn't happen again. I informed him he's dying again (& trust me, he is) & that the Vodka is killing him. And he's taking us with him. He said he didn't want to do that - at that point I ended the conversation.

The worst part is (other than the drinking) is that my dad does feel bad. I knew it yesterday. I can see it written all over his face. He does have a conscious but honest to pete, he can't control his cravings. It's been over 50 years of hard liquor. It controls him. It rules his life & I know he fights it. But he can't win it. I can't use his disease as an excuse anymore, though.

This is one prayer God is not going to answer. I don't know why. I'm not mad at God because I don't question His judgement. But I don't understand it. What I do know is I love my dad. And nothing he will ever do will change that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Olive Oil.

I stopped using it. For a while. 'Cause the beautician said to use "leave-in conditioner". So I did. Her hair has never looked worse. So dry. So dull. In this photo (QS - btw), it is slathered in Olive Oil. Still dry on top, if you look closely. Now it's time for damage control as I order some 'professional' products to try via the internet. If those don't work wonders, Olive Oil it is & I'll leave well enough alone. It's time for a trim again, too. :)

She's still mighty pretty though. ♥

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did I ever tell you.

Hubby & I got in some sort of tiff a few days after our Anniversary. In a moment of um, frustration (um, yeah, I'll go with that. ;o), I took the flowers he bought me & threw them in the pool. Then I laughed & laughed. Then I took a photo. ☺

That just wasn't gratification enough, so I got in the freezer & ate his Snickers bar. Ok. I ate two of them. Then I was happy. :)

One never knows what to expect with me. And yes, he laughed too, after the fact. ♥

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Like sister like sister.

Let's take a walk down memory lane. When Jaguar was around 15 months, she decided that clothes were for wimps. It mattered none what kind of apparatus I attempted, she escaped it. Oh sure, it was funny at first (exhibit A). I mean really, how cute was she giggling while naked as a jailbird? As time wore on, it was anything but funny. By the fifth time I had scrubbed down the crib (& her, & sheets, & toys, etc.), I had finally had enough.

For over a year, possibly a year and a half, this is how Jaguar was 'secured' before naptime or bedtime (exhibit B). It was a royal pain in the arse; however, it was beautifully successful. :) I don't believe I ever scrubbed the crib again. ☺ Having to literally cut the tape off the diaper with scissors before dressing or changing made this securing very tedious. You do whatcha gotta do. Finally, by the grace of God, she outgrew her streaking.

Fast forward to today. Same crib, different baby. Approximately the same age (Mercedes will be 14 months tomorrow). For a while now, every time I get Miss Sunshine up, her footie jammies have been unzipped. I did have a brief flashback to Jaguar's non-diaper days, but thought "naaahhhhhhh". So every morning when I get her up & giggled at her unzippering, I merely exclaimed "Hi Elvis!". Yes, typically most moms greet their babies with "Good Morning!". Not me. In this household it's "Hi Elvis!"

Today she was all happy go lucky as I exclaimed my usual "Hi Elvis!". But something was different. And something smelled a little - different. As my big eyes grew bigger - alas, it happened. The diaper was off. I do believe some naughty words entered my little brain. ☺
I will spare you the photos. Heck, I spared me the photos. I didn't take any. LOL Been there, done that. But, her & I certainly had a discussion over her newfound love of 'barebutt'. Poor pitiful pearl. She was completely unhappy with our talk. And honestly, I don't think she cared one iota, either. I'm visualizing more blue painter's tape in our immediate future.

I don't think she can get any cuter. ☺


While searching for the photos of Jaguar, I ran across this one of Audi. He was 28 months. I must have ticked him off about something. LOL Love it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The needed sign.

Now. This is so out of character for me. Blame Rebecca. She sent this tacky thing to me. And - please forgive my brief moment of arrogance. ☺

If I may just add one small comment.

I need this sign! LOL! :o)

Did I mention, I do believe we are going to move to a town about 20-25 minutes from hub's job. Exemplary schools (got those now). Fantastiasco shopping. Need I say more?

Thanks for the smile, as always, Rebecca. xoxo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor.

Amy who knew? I had no idea you were a Bachelor stalker too. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Then, if you read all the comments on & all the other blogs, neither one of us are alone. :)

I had no idea all this drama was fixing to go down until I got a heads up last week on People. So from there I started reading & then went to referred blogs, even Chris Harrison's blog. I still had no idea if it were fact or fiction so I couldn't wait to watch last night. All that happened last night was confirmation that what I (& everyone else) read was not a rumor. It all panned out. Except for the part about Molly being pregnant. Maybe that'll be revealed tonight or maybe that's a rumor.

What Jason did sucks. There's no two ways about it. Melissa's a great girl who got hurt. But you gotta step into reality. I mean really. It's a tv show. Personally, I do believe a person can fall in love that quickly. But the circumstances surrounding this relationship - is there a chance of it surviving? Once they profess their love for each other, being all happy & giddy, supposedly after the show, they can't see each other much for fear of spoiling the ending due to the show not airing yet. What happens to that relationship when it's long distance & they're not together much? I would think it's destined to be doomed.

From what I've read so far, Jason did what he did the way he did it because it was in the 'contract'. Which means if it was in the contract for him, it was probably the same with the girls'. They all had a heads up & knew the possibility was there. I'm not sure I'm convinced that Melissa didn't know ahead of time (at least some sort of hint out of respect & if you noticed, when she walked on to the set last night, the engagement ring was already off) & I'm pretty confident last night was not the first time Jason & Molly have seen each other since TFR. I mean get real. She sure wasn't very angry for someone who was strung along & then dumped at the last minute. ;o)

I also think Jason based his decision/choice off of DeAnna's comment. Molly was the wild one & she told him to look past that. I think he did, even if he knew in his heart it wasn't the right decision. And he made the wrong choice for him. I fully believe & agree with not being able to control who your heart loves. One has no control over that. If his feelings changed, his feelings changed. I'm not so sure his feelings changed, but he realized that he had stronger feelings for Molly & I think he probably regretted his decision. Life is too short to live unhappy and/or living with the wrong choice for fear of what others think.

I was a Melissa fan the entire show. But when I saw her with Ty, I totally lost interest. Something bugged me about her & I turned my interest to Molly. The thing that makes me wonder about Molly is that she didn't mention Ty much. I've been a stepmom. You take the guy, you take the child. They're a package deal. I hope she really understands that.

I will say I found Molly last night to be stunning. Never paid attention before. But for once she got her hair out of that ponytail & with her hair down & her headband on, I thought she was much prettier. Her makeup was impeccable. Her smile & eyes are beautiful. I hope her heart is as well.

I hope they can make it. Time will tell. And we all know the history of the couples from the show. None the less, I'm now a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Now tell me what you think! I'd love to know!

**I forgot to mention that I found it completely ironic that Melissa got dumped - & it was her parents who chose this whole time not to be identified publicly. That is really fishy to me & it makes me wonder if this whole scenario wasn't planned. Some say ABC planned all of this & Jason went along with it. But surely not. Sure was a coincidence, though.