Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school!

I have three photogenic children. He's not one of them. But he's smiling. He's now in the 6th grade. Joined the band. And JCC (again). Smart as a whip. Insane book reader. A tad on the quiet/shy side. Nintendo addiction. Mercedes' most favorite person on the face of the earth. Makes straight A's with an occasional B. Loves to learn. Musically inclined. Sweet boy. And sensitive. Handsome. My worrier. Who just showed his younger brother how to choke someone. I take back the 'sweet' part. Adored.


Big one is 11. Small one is 8.5.


Him: 8.5. Her: 7.5. That is not a typo.

Him - 3rd grade - super smart. In the GT program. Pretty much makes all 100's on everything. Slow & steady. Has a passion for life. And a temper. Has OCD. Drives the entire family crazy. Dramatic. Likes to play. And play. And play. Asks millions of questions. Neat & clean. Vivid imagination. Thinks money grows on trees. Must be center of attention. Lovable little boy. Cute as a button. Her - 2nd grade - crazy. Still. But blossoming. Social. Has never met a stranger. Happy-go-lucky. Doing much better in school, but would rather eat cupcakes. Hyperventilates at the thought of candy. Loves recess. And art. And plays/runs hard (hence the clothing). Loves pink. And red (hence the clothing). And glitter (hence the shoes, though you can't see them well). Does just enough academics to move on to the next grade. So far, it's working. Darling.

I'm the luckiest mom in the world! Love my kids. Cherish my kids. They complete me! ♥

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Brandi said...

You have beautiful children. Wishing them a great school year!