Friday, August 24, 2012

Tomato sauce stain? GONE!

Back when I used bleach, I never used it on anything but whites. For example, if I had an article of clothing that had both a color(s) & white, & the white spot had gotten a stain on it, I sprayed it with Shout. I never used bleach for fear of ruining the color(s) on the clothing. Sometimes Shout got the stain out, sometimes it just lightened the stain. Nonetheless, that was my procedure.

Now, I use Shaklee's all-natural Nature Bright. No need for me to be convinced any further. I am sold! First, it removed my 5 year old carpet stain. Next, it removed dried on nacho cheese off of a shirt. Now? Dried tomato sauce.

Oh, what a booger. We all know, most likely, tomato sauce ain't comin' out. Wrong! I soaked the area(s) with *Basic H & then doused with Nature Bright. And I let it sit. For a very, very long time (overnight, I think). Then, I washed it according to my washer's recommendation for removing tomato products. (*Because these are really tough stains, I'm putting a little Basic H on them first, then doused with Nature Bright.)

Tada! Unfortunately, I took these photos with my cell phone, in my laundry room, so they're pretty dark. I lightened (& sharpened) this one a bunch, so you can really see the tomato sauce is completely gone! Completely gone!

Just more proof, it does not take chemicals to live healthy & live clean! It doesn't even take chemicals to remove very difficult stains from clothing! I am absolutely tickled pink!

I decided to continue to post the large images (unlike the small one) because it's just so much easier to really see what the results are. I posted this shirt down below, but here are the large photos so you can really visually see that the nacho cheese is completely gone! (Photos again taken with my cell phone - sorry - I need to start using my big, ol' camera since these results are so amazing!)

Again, Shout would have definitely lightened the stain, but Nature Bright removed the stain! I'm so pleased that these shirts are not stained/ruined! Yet again, money saved!

These results are exactly why I love Shaklee so incredibly much! All of their products work this well & all of their products are all-natural! I want to live longer; therefore, I have removed all toxic chemicals from our home & away from our bodies & let me tell you, it is a great feeling!!

Shaklee. Always safe, always works, always green.

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