Friday, August 3, 2012

What is in tap water? What are YOU drinking?


A fresh take on healthier water, Get Clean® Water is a new multipatented water filtration system. Unlike other water pitchers, Get Clean® Water uses a solid block of carbon to clean your water, reducing some pretty nasty contaminants—including up to 99 percent of lead!

Get Clean® Water is the first pitcher to use a refillable carbon-block filter system so there’s less plastic to throw away. And it filters 303 liters (80 gallons) of water per filter.

Cleaner, healthier water and a cleaner, healthier planet? We can all drink to that!

Beats Leading Brands!

• Certified to reduce lead, mercury, cadmium and more contaminants while retaining healthy minerals!
• Certified to reduce chlorine, thus helps to reduce harmful effects cause by its health-threatening by-products!
• Certified to filter 303 liters (80 gallons) - twice as much as leading brands.
• First-ever pitcher with refillable carbon-block filter system.

*Each Get Clean® Water filter handles 80 gallons of water, twice as much as Brita® and Pur®2, and each filter is made from sustainable coconut shell carbon using a zero-emission process. Plus, it's the first pitcher with a refillable carbon-block filter system, so there's less waste going to the landfills.

The Smart Choice!

• Costs only a few cents a liter.
• Healthy, great-tasting water.
• First automatic pitcher meter that shows gallons filtered - no electricity is required.
• Handy and portable.
• Save cost - no boiling is required.



“Gets the lead out” and more.
Get Clean® Water reduces many harmful contaminants that can turn up in your water. And Get Clean® Water is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce lead and more.


Only a few cents a liter.
Malaysians are pouring money down the drain by drinking bottled water. For only a few cents a liter, Get Clean® Water gives you clean, great-tasting water—with a smart meter that shows you exactly when to replace your filter. No more guessing.


More clean water every time.
Get Clean® Water gets 303 liters (80 gallons) from every hardworking filter—twice as much as big-name brands—and reduces contaminants that can actually turn up in your water and be harmful to your health.


Keeps the planet green.
Get Clean® Water uses the first refillable carbon-block pitcher filter system, so there’s less waste in the landfills. And each filter is made with our sustainable coconut shell carbon, which is better for the environment.

Get Clean Water Starter Pack!


Get Clean Year Of Water! For $105.00 (members), you'll have clean water for a year! Excellent value! Amen!

Personally? I had no idea. We drink a lot of water here at our home. We're drinking a lot of icky stuff! Ew! Get Clean Water is in our home & will be from here on out! And the expensive water bottles we purchase at the store? No more! All water bottles will be filled from our Get Clean Water pitcher! Now that - is refreshing!

(I know, I know. I just made that little "Now that - is refreshing!" blurb up all by myself. I kill me. :)

Happy drinking clean!

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