Thursday, August 30, 2012

Save money with Shaklee's Get Clean line!

Isn't that amazing? Cheaper than the Dollar Store! And no toxic chemicals - win/win/win! I purchased all of my Shaklee cleaners in May & I'm not even half way through them. I won't have to reorder until way into 2013! That makes me, & my family's lungs, skin & allergies, not to mention our budget, very happy indeed!

When I first ordered, I just ordered a Get Clean Starter Kit. Had everything I needed to get going & get my house chemical-free! There are several different kits to choose from! Prices range from $40 to $99! Easy peasy!

(Click on the image to read about the products.)

The only thing not included in the kits is Shaklee's Basic G disinfectant. You have to order it separately - it's a
huge bottle, with a 3 year shelf life & trust, it will probably take close to 3 years to use it all! Basic G is truly incredible! It's the only non-toxic disinfectant I have ever been happy with & trust! I use it (or add it) for almost all of my cleaning chores! I love to disinfect!!

Want to try the Get Clean line? Order a kit! It will be delivered extremely quickly, right to your door & if you aren't happy with it, Shaklee offers a 100% money back guarantee! Simply return it! But that won't happen. You're going to love it!

To see all Shaklee products, visit my Shaklee site! Click here! You'll quickly discover why Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years!

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