Saturday, February 28, 2009


So many. "Why don't you post any photos of yourself?" Well, I'm usually taking the photos. But to appease you, here I am. Just me. Taken tonight. Why do I take all the photos? Because if I have my husband do it - I get this sort of photo:

The guy is in advertising. Photography is what they do & what he sells. Yet he can't take a photo for the life of him. When my husband has the camera, he turns into some sort of animal. He flashes so frequently, his eyes don't even have time to focus, let alone the camera. It's the most hysterical thing I've ever seen. Gotta love him. ♥

So there ya go. Why yes, I do look 22. Thank you. ☺

Friday, February 27, 2009


When Bentley was enrolled in K, he went 1/2 day. Which is completely appropriate for a 5 year old. Obviously he learned what needed to be learned 'cause guess what? He passed & graduated on to 1st grade. Then on to 2nd. Half day K hindered him none. ☺

This year it was on the bond election to enforce full day Kindergarten in our area. It passed. Haven't heard a word about it until today, when a letter was sent home w/ the children.

It's a little confusing & presented itself as quite contradictory, but from what I understand, the elementary school for our area will be full day K starting in 2009. Evidently, our elementary has the space. However, some schools don't have the space just yet, so they will continue to be 1/2 day K. Excuse me, but, what?

So let's just say we have some relatives who live in our town, but we all attend different schools. You know, 'cause there's like bookoos (of schools) here. I have a Kindergartener & they have a Kindergartener. My 5 year old child will go to school from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. My relatives' K'er will attend school from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (I believe that's the correct schedule for the a.m. class - p.m. class is 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Now does that seem fair? Seriously, does that even make a lick of sense? Here's the question - those who attend 1/2 day, will they be able to graduate to 1st grade? Like Bentley did? Yes? They will learn all they need to learn by attending a half day class? Great. Then why is full day K even necessary?

Spite that answer, if one school in our district supports 1/2 day K, then all schools support 1/2 day K. If one school supports full day K, then all schools support full day K. Duh. This is the dumbest district I have ever seen. But that ain't no secret.

Thank you Lord for confirming our choice to move. Let's pray it can be done before next school year begins.


Have I ever mentioned Bentley is a straight A student? Why yes, he does take after me. Heehee. ;o) On his progress report today, he came home with a 100 (one hundred) in Science. Who gets a 100 in Science? And he came home with a 99 in Social Studies. And then the others were right in line with that.

This kid rocks! ☺

Thursday, February 26, 2009

She didn't like the weed.

I wish I hadn't chopped off the cute curly top of her pony tail. ☺

(You know, there's just something wrong about the title of this post.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost eight.

This kid. Strong-willed. Determined. Sensitive. Lovable. Very tender hearted. Completely a mama's boy. He is amazing.

Hubby & I sat in the waiting room flipping thru the book of baby names. While we waited for his arrival. And waited. And waited. When I found his name, I knew instantly. And then he was born.

I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. All 5 lbs. of him. The most beautiful bundle I have ever seen. He is still breathtaking & beautiful. His face draws you in & captivates you.

Every day he becomes more handsome. He is so smart that he's too smart. Life with him is a challenge. And I can't wait to see where his determination takes him. He's going to go so far in life. And life has the privilege of loving & experiencing this growing, little boy.

Yes, he smiles. A lot. He just likes the tough boy image. ☺

I love him so, so much. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mom. When I see my life, it's really not there. Not without him. And it will be that way forever.



Bentley! Bentley! Bentleyyyyyyyy!!!

Mom, Bentley ignorted me! ☺



Mom, my knee pits hurt. (I'm assuming he stretched some leg muscles from running & playing t-ball the night before. LOL Never heard that one before.) ☺


Audi: I like your headband mom. It's brown. I remember when you broke a black one.

Me: Yes, this one is brown. I need to buy some more because they get all stretched out.

Audi: Why? 'Cause your head keeps getting bigger?


Funny miniatures.

Monday, February 23, 2009


His first. His first sport. His first glove. His first ball. His first bat. His first uncontrollable, giddy-to-play excitement. His first "I'm gonna play, I'm gonna give it my all, & no one will stop me" moment. His first practice. My first time to realize that this is it - he's growing up. Oh you guessed it - I sat in my car & cried a few tears. Just for a minute, though. Why do my children make me all sappy? ☺

(The two photos below are manual no flash.)

Of course I have always known my tiny guy is tiny. Seeing him, though, with all the other 5 year olds, shocked me. He's just so small. The photos below put it all in perspective.

(The rest of the photos are auto w/ flash. It was too cold, due to the wind & I was too cold to adjust settings!)

I'm pretty confident you can spot him. ☺

He had a blast. He did great! It's going to be a fun & exciting season. Below is Audi & proud dad. :)

I hope I'm ready for all this. And by "all this", I mean, I can't stop him from growing. I can't stop him from living. I don't want to. That said, he didn't attend preschool like Bentley did. He's been with me for 5 years. And it's hard. Very hard. But it's time to let go. So I'll end with my own sentimental sentiment -

Why is it so hard to let them GrOw?

I love you Audi. And mom is so very proud of you. xoxo

Sunday, February 22, 2009


She's gonna hate me someday for posting a photo of her looking like this. ☺

This is Jaguar in all her glory. LOL This is her hair every single day before I tackle it. Most days I tackle it two times a day - considering she still naps daily (or she's suppose to anyway ;o). Now I know Destiny's hair does not look like this after sleeping on it! Anyway, Jag's hair begins like this & after I work my magic (which obviously I'm still in the process of learning), it looks beautiful. Her curls are so pretty. It's not much fun getting it that way, though. It doesn't hurt Jaguar when I fix it, it's just a hassle & takes a good 20 minutes. I lightened the photo quite a bit so you can see just how much hair she has. It's not that long anymore, but it's so thick it's unreal. I'm fixing to get it thinned way out. (On the right side of the photo, some of that is a shadow & not actual hair - I think you can see where her hair ends.) This is a QS (quickie shot w/ flash - no manual) & when I snapped this yesterday, she reminded me of a hippie with that big hair & striped hoodie. And yes she always wears her sunglasses upside down! This morning we discovered she had on 'CARS' knee pads under her sweats. LOL Love her. ☺

Saturday, February 21, 2009


We are Vaseline lovers here. I have a jar in just about every room. I'm even fixing to start putting it on my feet (I have a foot fetish) under socks. But putting it in my daughters' hair is crossing the line. Let me explain.

While having my tedious & monotonous procedure performed Thursday a.m., there were three medical techs in the room with me. Two of them were African American ladies.

One of them didn't have children, but the older lady did. And boy was she quick to dish out the hair maintenance advice to me. Ha! I showed her the photo of my four children; she looked at Jaguar & stated to me it was obvious I had no clue as to what I was doing with her/their hair. Now pardon me, but when Jag's hair is done (as it was in the photo), it is beautiful & her curls are gorgeous! But ok...I listened. I didn't really have a choice. ☺

She began speaking about her two granddaughters who used to live w/ her. She totally lost me while she explained her routine - she obviously handled their hair two different ways. Which made no sense to me, but ok. During my procedure our conversation kept getting interrupted, so maybe I got lost somewhere while trying to listen. But I didn't ask any questions. :)

For one granddaughter, she told me she washed her hair every 3rd day (which is exactly when I wash my girls' hair) & put "Fructise" mousse on it & left it. She didn't mention what she did to it on the in-between days. I wish I would have asked but didn't think to.

Her other granddaughter, for whatever reason, she told me she washed it..."once a month". She then told me I needed to do that with Jag's hair, & then part her hair in sections, & put Vaseline all over her scalp & rub it in (AA hair, in case you didn't know, doesn't produce oil like ours does & that's why the hair care is completely different), & then take more Vaseline & rub it all over the rest of her hair.

Quietly, I gagged. And then internally I thought eeeewwwwwwwww. There is no way I could possibly even attempt that. I'm sorry. That just sounds nasty. She told me her hair was done 2 weeks ago & she hadn't touched it since (it looked decent). Two weeks isn't that bad, I suppose, but a whole month? That would feel awful, I would think. And the one thing I am very conscious of is making sure Jag's hair doesn't feel matted (& it never, ever is - I wouldn't allow that) & gross. The lady did tell me, however, that Jaguar's hair could now be "hot combed". I questioned Jaguars' age (because her hair is so delicate I worry about burning it) but she said Jaguar is now old enough. For a relaxer no, but hot comb, yes. She said to call her & she could refer me to someone who could do it. LOL

I'm still convinced that everyone treats/cares for AA hair different. I have yet to find two people who even remotely do it the same. Which lets me know to keep doing what I'm doing. And as long & my girls' hair looks pretty & healthy & feels good to them - I think I'll keep with my routine. Even if it may be wrong. ☺

All of the ladies were super sweet & hugged me goodbye. LOL I feel so blessed I can make friends anywhere I go. Well, it's not like I give anyone an option. ;o)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am home - all tests conclude: NEGATIVE!! Woohoo! PTL!!

Thank you so much for praying for me!!

Post later on HFoF.

I need to go chill!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pretty hair.

She wasn't going to smile for me (or Audi) for anything! So not typical for her. She must be tee'd. :)

Doesn't she have the prettiest little lips? I've always loved her little lips. I noticed how perfect they are the day we met. ☺

The cake!

I'm telling you, I have found my calling! Look out Rebecca - girl, I'm going to give you a run for your money! I had no clue I had such hidden talent. ☺

Happy Birthday, hubby! Happy 13th Anniversary, too! You are so lucky to have me I am so lucky to have you! I hope you had a great day. And I'm glad you liked your unbelievably unique, beautifully decorated cake. Yum, huh? ☺ Now puh-leeze quit acting like you're 46 or I may just have to trade you in for a newer model. ♥

Love ya! xoxo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Above is her "oooohhh, mommy has the camera out" smile. I say nothing. She does this. ☺

She's so darn cute. She is 13 months as of Feb. 6th. Full time walker. Full time runner, if we are trying to catch her. Full time food spitter-outer (notice the shirt & chin). Full time talker. Although we don't know what she is saying. If we ask her a question, she will look right at us & answer. In her language. Full time drama queen, too. Need to catch that on video & learn how to share. It is priceless. :)

Her hair? Oh my stars. No product I use is helping her flyaways. I have no clue what I'm going to do. Typically she wears a pony tail because that's the only way I can contain it!

Love this baby!


Every now & then we have the discussion about being lazy. I am a stickler on working hard & in no way, shape or form do I tolerate lazy. When the wee ones try to slack off (now keep in mind, their chores around here are next to none but, since they are growing, I'm trying to implement a few to teach them responsibility), I'm quick to respond w/ my lazy speech, especially since they are not expected to do much yet.

Hubby & I were in the family room one afternoon & we needed something from upstairs. Bentley was handy so we asked him to please run up & bring it down for us (btw, we do not abuse our children in this manner. I know SO many parents who make their children fetch everything for them once the children are old enough - so very not nice). Obviously he wasn't pleased with our request.

"Why do I always have to go get everything???? You people are so LAZY!!!!"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh no you di 'int! Dude! Have you lost your mind? Our response went something like this:

"Oh Bentley, you're so funny. That really was not the appropriate way to respond to us. You sure make us laugh. Hope you don't plan on having fun for quite some time. 'Cause it ain't gonna happen buddy! Love you. And thanks for getting this for us."



I can't tell you how many times we ask the wee ones a question & get the answer "I don't know" or "Because".

Now. Yes, you do know, & "because" is not an answer. So we don't allow either of those responses in our home. Miss Jaguar is the absolute worst at offering the "because" answer.

One day I asked her a question & received the typical "because" reponse. To which I went into my spill & told her to try again.

Later that night, she asked hubby a question. And would you believe the guy answered her with "because"? Nothing else, just "because". For crying out loud! Well, now I know where they get it from. :)

So my Jaguar informed him -

"Dad. Because. Is not. A anchure!"

Heehee. Good girl.

Yep, she calls hubby "Dad" now or, she calls him his brother's name. Ha! Sometimes (way more often than not) she is way out in left field. And sometimes I'm a little concerned. ;o)

My children really are hysterical. Some of the things they do & say have me rolling. I'm really trying to appreciate their innocence & how awesome it is to teach them right from wrong. What a privilege & a blessing. I sure do love them. All four. ♥ ☺

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snuggle buddies.

I had to shoot this really fast, so please excuse the quality. But isn't it cute? Audi loves his littlest sister. He loves both of his sisters, actually. Heck, Audi loves everyone & everything everywhere. ☺

What? What is that you ask? What is the crap all over my carpet? LEAVES! MULCH! LEAVES! Can you tell I'm frustrated w/ the mulch? My own two hands will kill anyone that mulches our yard ever again. I'm surprised the x-rays yesterday didn't show a pile of LEAVES in Mercedes' tummy! Ü


No photo.

I have come to the conclusion that I do not enjoy Project365. I love looking at everyone else's project, but for me, I'm not that interested. I think I'm perceiving it as something more for me to do & honestly, I have enough. It was fun while it lasted though. Kinda. :)

So alas I am stopping this project & returning to normal blogging! With photos, of course. ☺

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Bentley. He's now stylin'. Pretty cute. :)


No photo. I ain't too good at this photo a day thing. And my photos are getting way lame. You know how I feel about lame. ☺

Friday, February 6, 2009


(There was a photo here - of dove in a tree. It drove me so crazy I had to delete it. So now there's no photo which I prefer. Ha!)

Where's Waldo? ☺ This is a familiar scene every time we walk out our back door. Believe it or not, this isn't half the dove that usually lounge in our trees. Typically there are over 20 in one location.


Trix. They make me happy. Every time I pour them for my children (which isn't often), I am reminded of all the beautiful & vibrant colors God created. ☺

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Medical term Classic Migraines.

I call them 'eye spells' because the symptoms effect my eyes. Typically though, the proper medical term is "Classic Migraines".

I began suffering from these at age 16 or so. At about age 22 I had to seek professional help, as my migraines were coming much closer together & interfering w/ my every day life. I saw a Neurologist & at that time was put on 2 medications daily. I still take both of those medications but occasionally, a migraine breaks thru.

A number of factors can come into play which trigger a migraine. At this time, I contribute this particular episode (& many of them in the past, as well) to an over abundance of stress, too little sleep & too much caffeine. I hadn't had a spell in over one year (that was a record!!!!) & I got a little too comfortable & let my guard down. However, once a migraine occurs, they are so completely frightening & miserable that I could just kick myself for getting lazy. I have no idea if my current state is indeed what causes them - maybe if I was stress-free, rested & caffeine-free it/they would occur anyway. I have no way of knowing.

A Classic Migraine is a headache-less headache. These migraines last for exactly 30 minutes. Faithfully.

There is no warning sign what-so-ever that a migraine is fixing to occur. I just happen to look at something & notice 1/2 of 'it', whatever 'it' may be, is gone. This particular day it was Mercedes. I always start to panic, especially if I am out somewhere. I was @ WM, had 3 children & a basket full of stuff. There is no way, with deteriorating vision, I can check out & get everyone out to the car. There isn't enough time.

Fortunately two employees were walking by & I asked for their help. I tried to explain my situation, but many look at me like I'm crazy. :) Nonetheless, they helped me get my kids to the car & saved my basket of items so I could check out later. I called hubby (he knows to expect these calls if an episode occurs - my children now know too & are a great help) & he left a meeting in Dallas & headed my way. The employee buckled the kids in the carseats for me, I turned on the car & music, locked the door, laid my seat back & waited. That is all I can do. Like a typical migraine, I need no light & complete silence (as complete as I can get, anyway). I was so distraught during this episode that I actually called Jaguar by a wrong name.

Classic Migraines are blood vessels that swell in your brain. The swelling restricts blood flow, resulting in vision distortion/loss. Basically, they start off with a loss of vision, but about 10 minutes or so, the migraines really begin to 'peak'. What happens is whatever side of my brain the swelling occurs on, I begin to see very large, squiggly lines in my field of vision. Kinda looks like a design thread can make from a sewing machine. I don't know any other way to describe it. If the swelling is on the right side of my brain, I will notice the 'lines' on the left side of my vision. And vice versa if it happens on the left side. The lines start small & really get out of control when the migraine peaks. Then, slowly, very slowly, they subside until they disappear & very slowly vision returns to normal. Typically I get a headache after a Classic Migraine & the headache can last for hours. It is a strong headache, but not your typical painful migraine headache.

Classic Migraines are so awful. Honestly there are no words to describe how extremely frightening they are. Eyesight is definitely something we all take for granted. And I know what it's like to not see. Not see 'fully'. It's horrible beyond words.

Anyway, by the time hubby arrived, I was already walking back in the store. He finished shopping with me (because, from time to time, I will experience migraine after migraine & I never know when it might happen again) & came home & helped me get the kids settled. Later after all was well he returned to work. He really is a super hubby. :)

Like I stated, this episode was the first one in an entire year. Never, ever have I gone so long without a migraine. They typically happen every few months, even so much as every other day. I had two, one week apart, the month before Mercedes arrived. One occured when I was driving late at night & I had to pull over at the first available spot I could see to get to, which happened to be a strip club. Then someone knocked on my door. It was a nightmare. I hope & pray I don't experience another one for a very, very long time. (Btw, they absolutely can cause blindness & fortunately, I show no signs of that yet.) They 'say' typically one outgrows them & I can't wait for that to transpire. Hopefully I'm well on my way.

So there you have it. Thank the good Lord above if you don't suffer from migraines! ☺

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It's Miracle Day! You don't know how long we have been trying to persuade Bentley to ride his bike without training wheels. He's almost 8! His training wheels have been removed for quite some time - & he has been so leary of riding his bike. We have shown him, helped him, ran with him, I demonstrated on my own bike (yes I have a bike & it's ancient!), we have encouraged him, praised him, blah, blah, blah. To no avail.

Today we went outside. I told him today that he could do nothing outside. Except - ride his bike. He was angry to say the least. And it worked! Woohoo! He got on that puppy & off he went! Yay! I am so proud of him. He did great! He never hit the pavement one time. He teetered & wobbled, but he caught himself every time. He loves it & even asked to ride his bike to school tomorrow (haha...he ain't that good yet & we live too far). And I love it 'cause I was beginning to think he was going to be 14 before he could ride his bike! We're all happy dancing. :)

Bentley is my 'fearful' child. And I don't like it. After he succeeded at riding his bike, I explained to him that he has to let 'being afraid' go. I told him life is all about taking chances & you just have to go for it. Failing is learning. But if you have enough willpower, anyone can succeed. I told him he can accomplish anything in life he hopes to - but he can't do it fearful. Even if fearful, & we all are, aren't we? But you go. You try. You give it your all. You stare that opportunity in the face & you take that chance. And he did! I hope he now understands.

Way to go sweet boy!

(Photo taken on auto (updated - prior I had typed 'manual', but I meant 'auto'), & I think, w/ flash! I did this intentionally because there was no way I was going to mess up the shot of him riding successfully. I wasn't missing this for anything! I wanted to focus on him, not my camera. :)