Monday, March 29, 2010

Love too much.

She's 26 months young.

Much to her delight, on her way to pure independence.

She totally feeds herself. Everything.

Buckles herself into her booster at the table.

Loads herself up in the car (but I buckle).

Takes her clothes off for bath time.

Puts her own cup in the frig.

Talks in complete sentences.

Can count (perfectly) beyond 10.
Takes her medicine, daily, like it's nobody's business.
Goes up & down the ladder, & in & out of the trampoline, alone.

Screams "I do it!!" every single chance she gets.

She was playing with my bedroom doors the other day. While closing them, I told her I would like to go out. She very nicely took her hands, placed them on my backside, & physically shoved me out. "Go way, mommy", she said. And slammed the doors.


Today she shouted "it's beau-ful outside!" Yes, it was.

She picked up a dress @ Target - "it's beau-ful!" she exclaimed.

Such a big, big girl.

She knows her likes. Her dislikes.

Time is passing too quickly.

I'm not ready for her to need me less.

Is it really possible to love your children too much? Because if it is, I'm already there. ♥

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