Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break has sprung!

Woot! Now, what to do, what to do. Ü

Our budget for Spring Break is pretty much non-existent. Which means, mom here is going to have to get creative. And if you've known me long, you certainly know I am anything but. Oh the pressure. Yikes! :)

I reckon being my most favorite word is simple, Spring Break will be just that. I see lots of outdoor play - thankfully the weather is supposed to be beautiful! I see lots of tiny toes being painted vibrant colors. And if the boys aren't careful, they might possibly receive some pretty toes themselves. :) I see a trip to our new library. A picnic at the park. A balloon & bubble afternoon. A trip to Grapevine Mills Mall & eating at Rainforest Cafe. We have 2 coupons for free kids' meals, so we'll put those to good use! Fingerpainting. Lots of loud music. And of course, photos! Ü

Did you happen to catch Kelle's post today? Did you notice this?

"whenever it gets to be too much, no matter what we're doing or what needs to be done, we just stop. Get your shoes, we're going outside."

Who knew one tiny sentence could pack so much punch?

What my children desire most from me this Spring Break takes no money. It just takes time. Ü

Happy weekend! Live in the simple. ♥

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