Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Cassie is gone.

I'm having a difficult time wrapping my mind around all of this. Why does this continue to happen to us? We love animals. We just want a dog to add to our family, to keep until her time here, with us, is finished. Why is that too much to ask for?

I think I mentioned that about 7 1/2 years ago, we had to put down my dog that I/we had had for 14 or so years. She was with me before my husband & stayed with us until her journey was over. We didn't get another dog for quite some time. Approximately 4 years. We did our research on the breed we wanted. For many reasons, we chose the Shih-Tzu breed, & purchased our OshKosh. Who was an awesome dog. So adorable. We loved him. But unexpectedly, as he was approaching 4 years old, he turned on the kids. For no reason. I know what many think. Many assume our children picked on Kosh, & that is the reason he began snapping. That is so far from the truth. Our children are taught from day one to respect animals. They are taught how to appropriately treat them, how to give them space while they eat & drink, where we pet & where we don't pet, & how to play gently. To be honest with you, the kids didn't pay that much attention to Kosh. So why he suddenly snapped & attempted to viciously attack their faces/heads, we don't know. Our vet wanted us to put him down, but we couldn't. Fortunately my husband's mother took him, & Kosh is much happier in his new environment - he enjoys the quiet. He's treated like a king. Just as he should be.

Then we adopted Ky. Awesome Labrador. Amazing dog. Probably the best, well trained dog ever. Obviously, the SPCA sucked at their screening. Ky was sick. We tried to help him. Took him to an ER vet the day after we got him. Gave him medication(s). Had everything taken care of that the SPCA said they did, but did not. Then we discovered he more than likely had some sort of obstruction & the vomiting was so severe & so often, we had to return him. So unfortunate.

And Cassie (Imperial Shih-Tzu). I found her on Craig's List. And well, you know the journey with Cassie. We did all we could to save her & help her. But she's 'special needs'. And due to no fault of her own, her health issues couldn't be controlled. Yes, there are further steps we could have taken. But that takes money. Thousands, to be exact. And time. It takes time. With her recent accidents, I was overwhelmed. It just came to a point I couldn't do it anymore, no matter how strong my love is for her. I don't blame her & I/we never got angry with her. She is precious. We will miss her. I will pray so hard for her that the vet tech that 'adopted' her gets her the help she needs. I can't bear to think that she won't. Cassie is just to tiny & delicate - I hope she is loved as we loved her.

Maybe someday all of this will make sense. For now, it most certainly does not. I just don't understand.

All I know is that once again, it will be a very quiet evening tonight. And as I start to cry, I will now sign off.

Here's to a new week.


Melissa Miller said...

I'm so sad reading this Melissa. I'm very sorry for your losses.
I really do understand your pain.

I lost both of my Shih-tzu boys Teddy and Bear 5 years ago. They were both 15 years old and it still hurts to this day. No new dog yet for us. It just hasn't been the right time and I have no idea if it ever will be again. Sigh.

Thanks for coming by and for your question. I'll do an answer session very soon.

Have a wonderfully blessed week and feel better. My prayers are with you my friend. ~Melissa

Kriss said...

This made me sad too. ((HUGE HUGS)) -kriss

Melissa Miller said...

Melissa I'm not receiving your updated blog feed through the follower button on google reader. Hmmm ...I'll try again another time.

Launa said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry... here's hoping you find a great dog for you and your family soon... one that doesnt have too many problems!