Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do.

Sold! To me. Ü This formal dining room was to be my But, I really love this table. And even though she's not used often, she's staying. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I decided to keep her. Crazy, I know. But I'm kinda known for crazy. :)

However. Even though she stays, I still have no desire to keep my computer desk in the master bedroom. I have sat in our bedroom, in the corner, 'working', for almost 5 1/2 years now. I desire to get out of the dungeon & into some openness, nice light & active environment. With my other family members. I have stared at brown walls for entirely too long & I'm tired of being tucked away.

Now. How to accomplish this will prove to be no simple task. I have 2 options & both include rearranging (& ridding, if necessary) furniture. My new space will be in either the family room or front living room. Those are the only options I have. :) For some time now, I have envisioned exactly how I wanted my new space to be arranged/decorated. I'm still going to implement those improvements, but now it will have to be in a multi room, versus being in an individual room. But who says I still can't fix up my little space? I may have to tweak a few of my ideas, but for the most part, I still hope to make it sophisticated. Ü

*The dining room wallpaper, shown above? I ♥ it. Didn't use to be that way. I use to think 'ew'. Now, not so much. And the wallpaper is (was) in perfect condition. Even though I didn't care for it, the dining room has always been, & still is, last on the list for redecorating. Notice the 2 white spots (there's 3, actually) in the upper left? I did that. I purchased a new backdrop a few years ago & I wanted to quickly do a test run. So, I temporarily taped it up there. When I went to take it down, the wallpaper came off with the tape! Ugh! I was devastated. My only perfect condition room was perfect no more. I have extra wallpaper up in the attic & fortunately, wallpapering is a forte of mine. So, I hope I can patch it in & make it look beautimous again. I may try to tackle that this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Launa said...

Wow! That dining room picture totally looks like it came out of home decorating magazine!! Beautiful!