Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inexpensive home decor.

I've looked at these a million times at Walmart & today I decided to purchase them. :) I'm extremely sensitive to scents (& they are potpourri, so hopefully they'll die out quickly) but I really like the shapes, textures & colors. Ü

(I had my white balance on the wrong setting = blue tint. Someday, I hope to remember to adjust all of my camera settings for a single shoot. Sheesh. And I call myself an amateur. Heehee. :)

The large container was $10.

The small container was $5.

And the below photo is the result of remembering to adjust the white balance. ;o) Now that's more like it - nice, pretty colors. :)

(This is also natural light. Makes my heart go pitter pat. Seriously.)

Both glass vases I got at Goodwill. The branches/sticks I bought at Hobby Lobby months ago. The large (clay?) vase came from Pier 1 about 8-9 years ago. :)

I really like how they turned out! Thanks Walmart! Next time I'm going to purchase some colored sand. Ü


Rebecca M. said...

Oh my stars!! I LOVE that idea! We are semi-redoing our downstairs bathroom, and I needed something textural to go on a new geometric shelf I bought at TarJay! I will be sure to stop at Wally World tonight and pick some of these up. Did your Wally's have them in different colors? Our bathroom is chocolate brown, cream, and light blue.

Bridget said...

Very nice!!! Me likey alot! :D

Emily Art said...

I really like them! As far as the scent, can you spray them with Febreze or leave them in the garage for a few days to "air out"?