Friday, March 25, 2011

Current cleaning products.

I'm happy with my current products. As you can see, I still have two that need to be replaced w/ non-toxic cleaners.

I absolutely love 7th Generation products. Love the disinfecting wipes & love the spray cleaners. I'm thinking the multi-surface spray & the bathroom cleaner are the same thing in different bottles - but I'm not sure, as the bottles don't disclose all ingredients (I wonder if there's a reason for that? I've never taken the time to google it.) What the bottles do disclose is that both are made with Thyme, an all natural disinfecting oil. As a matter of fact, I went & bought my own bottle of Thyme so I could make my own disinfecting spray, but haven't attempted it yet.

I'm discovering vinegar & water can be used for anything, anywhere. I use it often & the smell doesn't bother me bit because it dissipates so quickly. I now even dust with vinegar & water. I don't spray the surface directly, I spray my cloth (currently using cloth diapers - works like a charm) & it cleans as well as Pledge Multi-Surface wipes (used those for years). I clean mirrors, windows, tables (wood), electronics, decorating accessories, shutters, everything w/ vinegar & water. I feel like I'm really saving some money because vinegar is so inexpensive. I typically purchase a generic brand 'cause vinegar's vinegar. Ü

For years I used Bon Ami in my bathrooms (even in the toilets) & kitchen, but switched to Clorox (p.u.!) & Lysol (ditto!) for the bathrooms. Now I'm using the 7th Generation in the bathroom sinks/tubs/showers/faucets/counters. I currently have a white, porcelain kitchen sink & getting stains off that sucker is no easy task. Recently I've used Comet w/ bleach (massive fumes) & it worked the best. I also tried bleach & peroxide. Now I use Bon Ami, apply good ol' elbow grease & I'm totally content with my white sink & I'm pleased I'm not using a potent cleaner w/ bleach. I only use Bon Ami for the kitchen sink.

I use Pine-Sol on my floors (marble, wood, ceramic). Reason being, vinegar & water takes so long to dry! I'm not sure why, but I don't have that amount of time, & the Pine-Sol dries much quicker. My floors look sparkling clean & smell good, too, so I may just continue with Pine-Sol & be done with it.

And alas, Clorox toilet cleaner w/ bleach. Sigh. What can I say. I'm a stickler about my toilets. I only use it inside the bowl & at the time Rebecca told me to stop using it, I had just purchased a 2-pack. Heehee. So I'm still using it. But I flush really well after cleaning so none is left over. When the Clorox is gone I'll attempt a green toilet blow cleaner.

I am such a product junkie, I'm telling you, I had so many products under my kitchen sink it was unreal! About three or four years ago, I switched to cleaning completely green (still used commericial detergent, but went with the perfume-free) & threw away/gave away all my toxic cleaners. I lost a lot of money doing that. But I felt better because the change was definitely a positive one. Then hubby & I battled Staph infections (nightmare!!!!!), each had 2 surgeries with me a possible 3rd lingering (I wiggled out of that one, thank God!) & after experiencing that absolute hell, I was terrified cleaning green wasn't killing the Staph. So, I went out & repurchased all toxic disinfecting cleaners.

Many months ago I was cleaning the shower & I thought I was going to asphyxiate on fumes! I realized that inhaling toxins had to stop not only for me, but my family as well. I'm still not where I need to be, but progress has been made. And everyone is breathing easier. Suffice to say, transitioning back & forth several times has been very costly. No more of that. Ü

Thought I'd throw in a photo of the current condition of our master shower. Ain't she purdy. This renovation is not going well & due to the fact my husband cannot get the tile off the seat, he has come to a standstill. All six of us are still using the upstairs bath/shower & it's awful. We have seldom used that bath/shower & the dap was peeling off, so hubby redid it. He did an awesome job. Now the new dap is peeling off. WTH? I'm paranoid water is seeping in underneath & getting that sheetrock wet, which will land us in the very same position we're in now with the master shower. We just can't win for losing. This weekend one of us will redap & this will prove to be interesting, as it has to sit/dry for a day or so. We ain't got no other shower. ;o) All that said, let me tell you, we are very blessed & spoiled. It's been tough using the upstairs bathroom, but I'm so grateful we at least have another shower to use.

That was one long post with way too many words. Heehee.

Happy Friday! Ü


Launa said...

Definitely gotta try the bon ami!! Love 7th generation too!

Rebecca M. said...

For your sink, you should try sprinkling kosher/sea salt on the stains, let the sit a minute, then take a half of a lemon and use that to scrub with the salt. I always have good luck with using the lemon/salt combo. And if you want a "finer" type of grit then you can use sugar and lemon.

Mommy Brain said...

Have you ever tried a steamer for your floors? I got one this Christmas and fell in love! I don't clean as much as you do...but I think you'd love it! No chemicals, dries almost immediately, sanitizes the floors...gets up the sticky child goo! I really love might want to think about it. I got the enviro-steamer because it seemed to get the best reviews.

Rebecca M. said...

I have the Bissell steam mop delux from Tar-jay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Cleans the floors so fast and dries instantly. So easy to use that one of Will's chores is to do the mopping - and he's able to do it just fine!