Monday, March 21, 2011

Girl got her some new shoes.

My wee ones have had some remaining birthday/Christmas money hanging around, so on spring break I took them to Walmart & let them purchase whatever their little hearts desired. The littlest one chose a Play-Doh set & shoes. :)

The color is a delish, shimmery, watermelon, the heel is just the right height, the design is nice & airy, the bling is the most perfect pink cupcake surrounded by diamonds & the quality is...plastic. ;o) She done good! Ü

Saturday she wanted to put on some of her sister's makeup. So she did. ♥
I noticed a few days ago that she had some unpleasant allergy symptoms brewing. The coughing began @ 3:00 a.m. this morning & coughing resulted in vomiting. Which resulted in me changing all bedding in early hours & making a Kroger run for Robitussin. Which helped. In case you're wondering, it's kind of spooky out @ 3:00 a.m.

Today I'm tired. Dragging, actually. I assumed (silly me) we'd have a nice, long, early nap today. Together. Didn't happen. I'm still up & she's still up. I am not a cappy hamper today & I've used some naughty words. And for some odd reason, sometimes, using naughty words just makes me feel better. Bad thing is little girl heard naughty words. Will be interesting when she repeats them in front of her daddy. I'll once again be prepared to raise my hand when she's asked where she heard naughty words. I raise my hand a lot, a lot. What can I say. I'm honest. Thank goodness I'm too old to be punished. Ü

My disobedient tiny tyke said earlier: "Look mommy! Selena Gomez!" To which I growled: Oh, I see her! I bet Selena Gomez takes naps!" Heehee.

Girl may have some new shoes & look beautimous with makeup, but girl ain't cute today. Maybe tomorrow, but not today. Pfft.


Bridget said...

Girl's got some great taste in shoes, bit she's got to work a little on her makeup application techniques ;)

I just can't get over how fast she's growing!!!

Launa said...

Haha! Love those shoes and the glitter!! Awesome!

Kriss said...

I am so glad i am not the only one that uses naughty words when I am really upset, :0) Blushing! I have to raise my hand alot too.