Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speaking of Jaguar.

The girl is crazy. I'm telling you - she's from another planet. And I love it. It's what makes her, her. Just like her big hair. Ü

Jags has one mode - SLOW. It's enough to just about send the remaining 5 of us over the edge. She gets in no hurry & she doesn't care. That's who she is & what she is & all she knows - slow.

In the mornings, well, they aren't much fun. She comes downstairs slow. She moseys up to the table slow. She eats slow. And God forbid she has to use the bathroom - that's another story. The boys have begun picking up her lunch box & water bottle just to help get the girl out the door. She's oh so frustrating, but so hilarious all at the same time.

The bathroom. Dear oh dear. When she goes in the bathroom, you can bank on not seeing her again for quite some time. And she's six. Such a joke in our family when we watch her trot off to the bathroom. We all just kind of watch her head that direction, shrug our shoulders, & then we forget about her. After about 20 minutes or so, one of us will say "so, you think she flushed herself? Taking a bath in the sink? Fingerpainting the pedestal again?" (She did that one time. She painted the pedestal (sink) with red frosting. I have no clue how long it had been there, but I discovered it a few weeks ago.) Sooner or later she'll come moseying out, not a care in the world, sit back down & finish her meal like nothing had ever happened. Cracks us up. She's a riot.

I have warned the males in the home that they haven't seen anything yet. If the girl can stay in the bathroom this long at age six, just wait until she does her own hair & puts on makeup. Holy. Cow. She may have to start the night before if she plans on getting anywhere on time. I have no idea what the future holds, but I'm pretty certain, there's gonna to be lots of "get out of there!!!"s. What a blessing we have 3 bathrooms. God knew we were going to need them all one day. Ü

(Her '100th day of school' poster. It now hangs in her room. :o)

She is so adorable. Thinks life is one big party. (That doesn't exactly mesh well with school work however, I do believe she's going to make it to 1st grade!) Takes absolutely nothing too serious. She just has fun & it's so innocent. I do believe by now, she has invited approximately 75 people to our home, for different occasions. Most of those 75 people are teachers. I've had a lot of explaining to do.

After school started, she invited everyone over to swim in our pool. That was interesting.

Then she invited everyone over to see her newly redecorated room.

Then there was Christmas. They all got invited to Christmas.

Then she invited everyone over for her birthday party. She even made her own invitations & passed them out. My kids don't have birthday parties (that is fixing to change! Life is about celebrating. Thank you, Kelle Hampton!) One teacher felt so bad she couldn't make the party. That led to more explanations from mom. :)

And now, there's Raymond. We have no clue who Raymond is, but he's coming over to spend the night. She's talked about him for the last 3 weeks. She's informed us what they're going to do, what food I need to have in the home for his visit, what jammies she needs, where he's going to sleep, blah, blah, blah. So funny.

The teachers love her. Everyone loves & comments on her hair. She is such a mess, typically any given day they put her in the car, the teacher is giggling (usually I'll look at the teacher, mumble "pray for us" & drive off. Heehee.) Getting her home is like getting her out the door in the mornings. She is so disorganized, sometimes she'll be holding items in her mouth. Hair all amock. Coat hanging 1/2 on 1/2 off. Filthy clothes (not the condition she left in!). Dragging her backpack. Yet again, sometimes her brothers have her lunch box & water bottle. Or, she tossed it in her backpack, open. I cringe when I open her lunch box. God only knows what I'm going to find. And, the dirt. Oh good heavens the dirt. It's like she rolls in the dirt every day. Last week, I discovered she took her school scissors to her blue jeans. And today, her new orange shirt. Anyway, I feel like we need to invest in a power washer just to clean her & her belongings.

But oh she's delightful. So naturally full of life. But can break into tears at any given moment, usually regarding an issue that makes no sense whatsoever. But again, that's just who she is. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without my whacky girl!

And I do believe I could learn a few things from my goofy six year old - not to take things so seriously. Lighten up. Let it go. I have made great strides, but she's a necessary reminder that I still have a ways to go.

Inspiration is everywhere. Even in a precious six year old. Life is short. Live! Ü

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Muliebrity said...

God brought her to her type-A mommy for a reason. I am so glad you have the grace to her for who she is.