Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disqus & floor steamers.

Disqus is my new comment format! Woot! Now I can reply to comments right here on my blog, versus trying to reply by email. Some I can reply via email, but some accounts aren't set up that way (from what I understand, it's an option in the Blogger profile). Now it doesn't matter! I love reading comments & love participating! If you choose to leave a comment (please, don't feel obligated!) & want to be notified of replies to your comment, I believe there's a little option box you can check when filling out your comment. Ü

I must check out these floor steamers! Rebecca told me about hers months ago & I totally forgot to research. I'm still skeptical - do they really remove dirt? Grime? Dirty paw prints? Dried milk/juice? They sound too good to be true, but I really think I'm going to try one if they are affordable. Thanks so much for your comments on my Cleaning Products post - I so enjoy chatting about products & finding out what works for others. Whitney's comment reminded me that I have tried Method products & I like them. They now disinfect, too. I currently use Method's Daily Shower & have used it for quite some time.

Happy Sunday! Ü