Saturday, September 22, 2012

How I keep my carpets clean - without harsh chemicals!

It's no secret that I strive for spot-free carpet. Is it attainable having 4 children & 3 dogs? Yes & no. Sure, we get spots & dirt just like everyone else. And when we do, I clean them. I do not leave spots on our carpet. It helps that most of the time we remove our shoes, we do not eat anywhere in our home except at the table (I am exempt from that rule, sometimes I'll eat here at my desk while I work) & all drinks stay on the kitchen table or island. My four year old still runs around with her sippy cup at times - it does leak & I do have to clean those spots. But she's getting older now, so that won't be happening much longer.

For years, I have used the Bissell Little Green Machine. I use it often & I'm hard on it. I purchase replacement parts if a part breaks, but I've also bought 3 or 4 machines over the years. Love this machine. Does a fabulous job on spots.


In the past, I've always used the Little Green cleaner. It's always worked just fine - but it's not all-natural & it costs about $9 a bottle.

Now? Now I use Shaklee cleaners in my Little Green. For literally, pennies! I add a dash of Basic H, Basic G & a tad of Nature Bright. Works great & lifts every spot! And there are no toxic chemicals on our carpet when I clean! That is priceless! No toxins, no harsh scent, just all-natural products. It doesn't get any better than that!

Notice my Basic H bottle. I started using it in May & it's now the end of September. Look how much is still remaining! I've 'overused' a lot of the product, too, experimenting & whatnot. So if I hadn't done that, there'd be even more left! Amazing stuff it is. So inexpensive & it cleans everything! You can find Shaklee's amazing cleaning products here. Worth every penny & then some!


A & J said...

Hello, my name is Jeni. I am a Shaklee distributor and was wondering if you just eyeball the amounts or if you have a "recipe"? I have this same carpet cleaner & with a new puppy at home need to use it more frequently, shall we say ;)

Melissa :) said...

Hi Jeni! So nice to meet another Shaklee distributor! I adore Shaklee! To answer your question, I do not measure when I use the products in my Green Machine. The products are so concentrated, I just use a tad, with very hot water. Hope that helps! Give it a try! :)