Friday, September 28, 2012

Work from home. You make the hours. You make your paycheck.

When I became a Gold Ambassador with Shaklee the end of July, I told my Business Leader I had 2 goals: 1.) to inform others anywhere & everywhere about these phenomenal, effective, all-natural products that work & 2.) I want to earn an income, so I can contribute financially to help my own family.

Last week, I opened my own bank business account, because I'm now making enough money, that I need my own account for tax purposes. Note, I do not work 40 hours weekly. And if you think you aren't capable of doing this, you're wrong. I do it, I'm successful & I have 4 young children. I'm a mom, first. I market Shaklee, second. That will never change.

All that said - Shaklee is the most amazing opportunity, for myself & others, I've not only seen, but participated in - ever. I searched so long for 'green' products that I was content with & that met my standards. It took five years, but alas, I search no more. And I will never search again, literally. Shaklee is it for me - personally & professionally.

As I've stated before, I'm in Shaklee for the long haul. This is not a temporary fix for me, this is not anything I take lightly. This is the real deal. And for me, this real deal is my professional passion.

Our world is polluted. Our world is contaminated. It makes absolutely NO sense to not make changes where we are able & when we can. Many times we have choices when it comes to improving our health & that of our family's. It makes NO sense that everyone, everywhere is not using Shaklee products. Take, for example, Shaklee's incredible Get Clean line. The products are proven effective (for over 50 years now!) & the majority of them cost LESS than store brands that people/you already buy! Shaklee products are products you already use. They're already in your home. Why in the world would anyone not change them out for proven, non-toxic, less expensive cleaning products?

Sorry. I kind of got off track. LOL

My point is this. I want to inform as many people as I can & encourage them to make a change. For their health. For the health of their loved ones. Any change is better than no change at all. Changing brands can change your life! I want people on MY team, yes MY team, to mentor & encourage & challenge to go big or go home. Who desire, with passion, to help others. Who desire, with passion, to make some serious money for their own family, for whatever reason they want. I want those who desire to be self-employed, I want those who are willing to work their rears off to meet their goals & I want those who are committed & serious. Because committed & serious will get you where you want to go.

Join my team & we'll do it together. You will be included in one of the largest, fastest growing groups Shaklee currently has. You will have access to a wonderful, fun group of women (& some men!) on a private, members only Facebook page, where you'll get more training & more support than you can imagine. Relationships are blossoming. And those are just the beginning. But more importantly - by being self employed marketing Shaklee products, you'll also get to call the shots, make your own hours & work/don't work when you choose. Make as little or as much money as you desire. You reap what you sow & that is one terrific benefit.


If you are interested, follow my Facebook page here & email me at:

As an additional bonus, until midnight tonight, I am offering a 'shipping special' to anyone who purchases any product, & that includes becoming a Gold Ambassador. I personally will write you a check to reimburse you your shipping fee. I know - you can't afford to. But ask yourself - can you afford not to?

You can start helping others & making money immediately.  Can't wait to hear from you!

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