Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nature Bright to the rescue again!

I love my little Mercedes girl. I really do. She's so precious. But she's so nasty. She is the messiest child we've had. I know she's 4 1/2, but boy do I sure contemplate putting her back in a booster & slapping a bib on her.

Say hello to her somewhat new Gap tank. Good Lord, I have no clue what she got all over it. I can't keep up with her messes anymore. Nonetheless, I sprayed it with Nature Bright, let is sit (but not long at all - maybe 20 minutes, if that) & threw it in the washer. Though much better (would have been satisfactory for anyone but me), I could still see some spots. I was not giving up. So, what the heck, I saturated the now-set spots in Basic H & Nature Bright. Those spots were coming out, darn it! After I saturated the shirt, I folded it up to let it sit. Well let me tell you, I forgot about it. For like, 5 days. Ha!

Ah, whoopie. Nothing some all-natural H & Nature Bright can't handle!

So funny. Not one spot. It's almost like a challenge for me now to find something Nature Bright can't get out. So far I've failed. And I'm using it everywhere! It's currently in the hall bathroom toilet. I guess I better go take care of that.

Shaklee. What a blessing!

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