Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In with the happy!

This is one area of my life where it seems I'm constantly trying to improve, & recently, I've even found it carrying over into my computer time.


We all have something in our lives that is unpleasant. We all have bills. We all have strained relationships somewhere. We all have daily chores & tasks. We all have unmet goals. We all have health issues or know someone who does. We all are spread too thin. We all need more hours in our day. We all lack patience. We all have too many irons in the fire.

Welcome to life.  Welcome to reality.


But I've discovered with me, as I grow through life (that sounds better than 'the older I get'), I'm quite discouraged by all the negative. Why do we feel the need to constantly discuss our problematic issues? Talk about our problems? I seldom worry (which I am very grateful for), but I compare negativity to worrying. What in the sam hills does it solve by being negative? By constantly talking & complaining about it? It sure as heck doesn't turn the situation around.  It doesn't make the issue disappear.  I've been guilty of being negative myself many times. My mother is one of the most negative people I know & boy howdy, it's very difficult to carry on a conversation with her. When I tend to be negative, sometimes I think that naturally, I inherited her unfortunate trait. And I've finally come to the conclusion, so what? Big stinkin' deal. It is my choice to kick that trait to the curb. For the most part, I'm diligently trying to keep negativity out of my daily life & off of my blog. I don't need it, my husband doesn't need it, my kids don't need it & others don't need to hear about it. And it just feels good. It just feels right.  Honestly, it boils down to choice. And we all are very blessed to be able to make most of our own choices.


Lately, I've found that when I visit a website, or a blog, or heck, even Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (did I get them all? Ha!) - if someone just repetitively complains over & over or constantly has a derogatory post or attitude - without even thinking, I automatically mumble 'yuck' & boom - that person/site/whatever is deleted. I have my own problems (which really are nothing because I am so truly blessed!), so why would I want to continue reading someone else's complaints? I feel bad, I am sorry that they are facing so much hardship or whatever their case may be, but when I sit down to relax, I don't want to read anything bothersome. I just really don't want to read or hear about it. I want fun.  I want to laugh.  I want to converse & share.  I don't want to be drug down by someone else's negativity.


It's really aggravating that I'm figuring all this 'how to live in peace' stuff out in my 40's. Geeze. I wish I would have figured all this out in my 20's, or even 30's! But I guess it's like cooking - if you're not really taught, if you're not really exposed or encouraged to do it, then more than likely, you aren't going to do it. You figure it out with experience & as you go.  Better now than never, right?


I know without a doubt that life is so short. None of us know when God is going to call us home.  So, out with the depressing & in with the cheery. Out with the negative & in with the positive. Out with the bitter & in with the sweet! And I hope for the most part, that I portray that via the internet (excluding my occasional rant on my personal Facebook page).  I actually went through my blog not long ago & removed all posts that tended to lean towards the negative side. I hope to keep my blog, as well as my image, going in one direction & one direction only -

In with the HAPPY!

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