Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to remove excess, messy nail polish from cuticles!

I am so particular about clean, attractive fingernails. I get that from my dad. We could not come to the dinner table until our nails were cleaned with a nail brush. I notice fingernails on everyone & if I notice hands, so do other people. My husband always has nice fingernails & I'm teaching my children to have clean, attractive nails, as well. I think our fingernails (& toenails!) say a lot about us as individuals.

Messy nails polish drives me crazy! Take a few extra minutes to clean up the mess up. Why go to all the trouble of painting them a pretty color, only for them to look unfinished & horrible? I have used this method for years & years & it works really well.

Supplies needed: Polish remover, cotton ball & polish 'sticks'. I have no clue what those little sticks are called! I've actually had mine for well over 15 years, but recently I had to purchase a few more after a few of mine were summoned to piece together a styrofoam science snowman. :) The ones I purchased recently I got at Beauty Brands, but you can probably get them at any beauty supply store.

Next, gently tear off several pieces from the cotton ball. You don't want them too thick & you don't want them too thin. You may have to practice a few times to find what works best for you. I'd say thinner is better than thicker.

Take the pieces & wrap them around the end of the stick. Holding the cotton firmly against the tip of the stick in one hand, spin the stick with your other hand, resulting in wrapping the cotton tightly around the end. You don't want it loose - you want it nice & tight.

Dip the cotton into the remover.

Carefully, remove all excess polish from cuticles & fingers. The reason you want the cotton somewhat thin is so the edge of the stick glides nicely into the sides of your nail bed. This will allow you to precisely take off unwanted polish without removing the nail bed polish.

Voila! Pretty, manicured nails! So much neater!

Your nails are one of your best features! Take care of them & wear them proudly. It's just tacky to have chewed, gnawed on nails and/or sloppy polish. If your nails are painted & it begins to chip - remove the polish! Bare nails are certainly more attractive than chipped, uncared for nails.

And don't forget to do your toes! I use this very same procedure to remove unwanted polish from my toes, too!

Happy painting!

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