Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BlogHer & my hasty decision.

I'm tired as all get out tonight but for some odd reason, this has been on my mind.

Some of you know I used to partner with BlogHer. BlogHer, at the time, also partnered with MckMama (I will not link to her blog - google if necessary). For strictly ethical reasons, I decided to abruptly end my relationship with BlogHer solely because they continued to partner with her. I just didn't want to be associated with a company that supported her (or any other blogger, for that matter, that blogged in the same unethical manner as MckMama) & her lack of morals. That's just me - I always attempt to take a stand for what is right. You can read about my decision here.

If you've known me long & many of you have, you know what an honest person I am. I sincerely hope you know what an honest person I am & I sincerely hope I portray that quality. I am proud to advertise my honesty. I may not always do it the proper way, but I do it. And I don't have to try & I don't have to remember, because I always tell the truth. Many don't agree with me & that's ok - I will never apologize for being honest.

My thoughts are this. While I had the partnership with BlogHer, why didn't I just honestly and/or boldly blog about my disappointment & frustration? Was it that I was concerned BlogHer might get angry with me, if I did? Why did I take the easy way out & sever the relationship? This is where I sometimes get irritated with myself. I am quick to act, versus possibly taking ample time & thinking things through. Thoroughly. I really need to work on that. Anyway, it's not that I regret my decision because ethics are extremely important to me, but maybe now, over a year later, I actually do regret my decision.

The bottom & most important line is: BlogHer ultimately did end their partnership with MckMama. MckMama was guilty of plagiarism & from what I can tell, that was the final straw for them. BlogHer took the high road & that is very important. And, admirable & impressive. If I had only waited, if I had blogged & voiced my concerns/dislikes/frustration & waited for this to pan out, I'd still be a partner with BlogHer today. (I am not typing this in hopes of BlogHer contacting me - I have contacted them way prior to this. I'm simply expressing some thoughts.)

I don't know why this is eating at me - I suppose it stems from myself not allowing a great company to prove their true colors. That's my fault. My hasty decision to do the right thing jeopardized a great opportunity for me to work with a great company. And that part just sucks.

Live & learn, which I do daily. And for that, I am grateful.

Hubby returns tomorrow evening (earlier than expected - he had the wrong flight information - yay!) so as soon as I find my black felt & get caught up on some much needed sleep (I sleep very poorly when he is away), I'll be posting my reversible, gold earrings.

Happy hump! Ü


~Jenn said...

I don't read any blogs that are MckMama followers. She is not at all what she thinks (or appears) to be. I'm glad they finally cancelled her, she was bringing down blogher with her.

Tricia said...

I do the same thing. I speak my mind and I don't care what others think. I'm also bad about hasty decisions. When I've been wronged, I act immediately instead of cooling off for a while. It's just who I am.

The fact is, Blogher was made aware of her discrepancies long before the plagiarism debacle. They could have and should have severed ties much sooner than they did.