Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Galveston we went!

Friday. Got the kids off to school. Fed Mercedes. Rushed to shower. Had packed snacks the night before (Bentley spotted them & I had to fib to my kids - which I never do! - told him I was cleaning out the pantry. Ha!) so that was done, but had to pack all clothes & toiletries, etc. Got it all accomplished (ahead of schedule, thank you), dropped the dogs off at the vet, checked in with hubby, went & withdrew Bentley from school first (but never told him why & Mercedes didn't even spill the beans! Good girl. :) & then went & picked up the other two. Mercedes did reveal the secret at that time - "we're goin' to the beach!" she exclaimed. They were all so excited, screaming & yelling with their hands in the air; that is why I do what I do! That is why I adore spontaneous adventures. That is why when others deem my adventures 'ridiculous' - oh hell no. I do it because of them. And that will never change. I have no desire for it to. Surprising them, no matter how short the adventure is (or how old they are!), I will do forever. And my children love our spontaneous fun! ♥

So we came home, grabbed the hubby & off we went! Nintendos packed, movies packed, snacks ample - we headed out for a 5 hour drive. Which turned into a 7 hour drive due to traffic, construction, dinner, blah, blah, blah. But who cares! We didn't. :)

Got in late evening (you know, not planning for a little trip = no reservations ;o), found a room, scoped out the room & the balcony, got everyone set & hit the bed. Beach on Saturday!

And beach we did. It was so very windy! An overcast day, very warm temps & to the beach we went. I wanted pictures galore - so this trip I packed my camera bag (typically I don't) & all my camera lenses (typically I don't). Woohoo! I was ready for some beautimous photos! But my freshly camera battery died. Kapoot. Deader than a doorknob. I was just sick. I didn't get one dadgum photo with it.

So, we chilled at the beach, swam in the pool, chilled in the room & then readied for dinner at Gaido's! We ♥ Gaido's. Everyone looked so cute all ready for dinner & I forgot to snap a photo of everyone with my cell phone! Grr. It was raining by Saturday evening & rained all night. Complete awesomeness.

Sunday around 4:00 a.m.'ish, I was (quietly) screaming & gasping with stomach pains. I woke hubby up because I seriously thought something was wrong. Waking hubby up = waking everyone up. Ugh. After vomiting numerous times (you're welcome for that little tidbit of information :) all was ok, but none of us got much sleep after that (Mercedes also woke up @ the very same time, screaming with tummy pains! Her issue though is requiring a GI Specialist's assistance). You know what I love so much about hotels? The continental breakfasts. We won't stay in a hotel that doesn't offer it. Hubby always takes the kids down to breakfast & brings me back my breakfast. Love that! Sunday turned out to be an icky day - actually very chilly (felt great!), raining & the wind again was tremendous (on this trip, the wind blew my new prescription sunglasses on the concrete & chipped the lenses, & blew my cell phone on the concrete cracking the glass! Oy.) We decided to pack it up & head out - taking our time on our way home & stopping along the way if there was something we wanted to see. Our trip home was actually much quicker than going.

And that - was our crazy, unplanned, last-minute adventure! I'm so glad we did it. And so glad we'll be doing it again. Galveston is one of our most favorite places ever! ♥

Here are the few random photos I snapped with my cell phone:

Our clean, organized room:

Saturday at the beach:

(The water was as dirty as the sand due to Tropical Storm Lee. And look how far back our chairs/umbrella were! I kept telling hubby the "ocean is low". Ha! I just noticed this - see the four children who all have a foot in the air? Those are my four. LOL :)

The amazing rainbow as we headed to dinner. If you look very closely, to the right, you will see a double rainbow! Oh how I wish my Canon had been working. They were just beautiful, but my cell phone was unable to capture the true beauty & clarity.

We visit Galveston often. One particular visit, five years ago to be exact, I had to see a dr. because I needed an antibiotic. Guess what arrived today? The bill. Five years later. LOL :)

Make it a happy week! The choice is yours. Ü

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What an awesome adventure!!