Thursday, September 15, 2011


Haven't done a Kidbits in quite some time. How I will love looking back on these some day. Ü

We had an interesting afternoon. I was running late (not late, running late) to pick Bentley up from school. I park on the street & he walks up the sidewalk (as most students do) & then hops in. I just knew today that he would be walking up the sidewalk & start to panic because he couldn't see me. I was picturing him freaking out because mom was no where to be found. I was towards the back of the line (I'm usually towards the front) - I could see him walking, but he couldn't see me. I started crying because I knew he was going to be so upset by the time he got to my car. He wasn't. But I was. He laughed & looked at me like I was losing my mind. I really need to lighten up. Ü It is sweet though that he rubbed my arm to console me. He is very protective of me & I love that. Awwwwww. ♥

He is so fun. He loves to impersonate & he does such a great job. He can impersonate characters from Alvin & the Chipmunks like nobody's business. We were laughing & having a grand time (which is rare in the car, because typically, he's reading!) while at the elementary school waiting for Audi & Jags to be released. The einstein that I am decided to have him impersonate me.

Me: "Bentley, let's hear you impersonate me."

Bents: "Really?"

Me: "Really. I want to hear how you think I sound."

Bents: "Really?"

Me: "Really. I want to see what you've got."

Bents: "Well, ok." And so he begins, while my sunroof was open & all the other parents were sitting in their cars with their windows down (beautiful day here today) -


Oh. My. Gawd. Do I dare peek around & see if any of the other parents heard? I was laughing so hard, I had tears rolling out of my eyes. Maybe you need to know our life & maybe you need to know how loud & crazy our family is to be able to grasp his comment but trust, that impersonation was so accurate (I'm referring to his tone/attitude - no worries, I certainly do not walk around cursing all the time in front of my children :) & so darn tootin' funny! He was so pleased with himself, he reenacted it tonight for his dad. His dad was (less than) thrilled. ;o) And as I publish this post I'm laughing again, as Bents just walked in here as Urkel, with his t-shirt tucked in & his pajama bottoms pulled up to his - man boobs.

I love my Bentley & I love my life! I am one blessed girl! ♥

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Muliebrity said...

Now I have tears running down my face! Too funny!