Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Live out loud.

We bought socks! Ü

I don't have that heartwarming story of how when I was was growing up, I had that strong desire to be a mother. I never really desired to have more than one or two children. I never even considered being a mom, really - I guess I assumed when the time was right, I'd make the decision to become a mom (like that happened). As a matter of fact, years ago I distinctly remember talking to my employees & making the comment "I'll love my children, but they'll be in daycare as soon as I'm able to return to work!" Oh yes I did! Ha! :)

I did know I always wanted a girl. I didn't/don't have that gushy-gushy relationship with my mom & I guess down deep, I always hoped to have a girl so I could do things differently. I got my girl. I got two girls! And who woulda thunk I'd have girls who adore bright colors & desire to wear funky mismatches? Right up my alley. And I've learned to so appreciate their innocence, so appreciate that they don't care what others think & how they like to dress to make themselves happy. Isn't that the way it should be?

So funky socks it is. Funky anything it is. I don't desire to tell them no, I don't desire to take their individuality & I don't desire to change them & make them something they are not. They are perfect! And so are their socks. Aren't these fab? No, this isn't all of them, the others are in the wash. Ü

And can I just add that I am tickled pink that Jaguar never wears a matching pair? I don't even pair her socks up anymore because she'll just separate them. She is (unfortunately), however, becoming more aware of her appearance & she's now putting pinks with pinks, etc. Except for today - she wore pink shorts with a red shirt. And totally unrelated socks. I couldn't have been more proud.

So what do I think? Live out loud! Wear those funky socks. Be true to yourself. Who cares what others think! One thing's for certain, I'm going to learn a lot from my girls. And I can't wait. ♥

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Bridget said...

These socks are absolutely adorable and fun! And because we're blog friends, I can tell you that I worried myself a little when I found myself mentally matching them up...