Thursday, September 22, 2011

I decorated for fall!

I never decorate for fall. Usually a few weeks before Halloween I'll put up some silly Halloween decorations for the kids, but that's the extent of it. At Walmart last week, I saw some pretty little fall decor. And Mercedes loved them. So, ok. For $15, we grabbed some.

And then it sat on my counter for a week because I thought 'that's so not me'. I was going to return it. Until I remembered that Mercedes chose the tablecloth herself, & even though I apparently grabbed the wrong size (shocker), I couldn't return what she thought was so pretty. So today I emptied some glass vases & let her fill them with the glittery decor. I had her toss aside the pinecones that had no glitter - I decided I'll save those & we'll spray them for Christmas. I'm sooooo creative. Ha! I also decided not to exchange the tablecloth. Heck, for $5, I'll probably trash it when we're done using it anyhow.

I'm aware this is pretty lame fall decor. Especially when the beautimous, striped tablecloth clashes with my cobalt flowery 1980's wallpaper. Oh well. Can't win them all, I suppose. :)

This little scarecrow was $1 at Dollar Tree. Maybe I'll get lucky & he'll blow away. Isn't he cute?

The big kids love the decorations. Which reiterates to me, that elaborate isn't necessary, & simple can indeed illuminate happiness. And that, to me, is a beautiful thing. ♥

Happy fall, y'all! Ü

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Bridget said...

Love that Mercedes chose the dining room decorations...she's got flair ;)