Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

I'm totally getting aggravated with this store. This isn't the huge Goodwill close to our house, this is the one I drive about 20 minutes to. I like this one better because it's considerably smaller & they have better items. I think those who work at Goodwill are for the most part, volunteers. Which is fine with me. But recently, & I guess maybe it's because they just do the job because they have to, the clothes at this store are a mess. The volunteers are just sticking them any & everywhere. And I don't mean just a little bit. I mean a lot a bit. :) Boys' are in the ladies' department, ladies' in the girls' department, kids' (boy & girls) in the mens' department, blah, blah. It takes a lot of time to sift through the clothes. And really, sifting through the clothes is just something I like to do so it's no big deal, but for someone like me who has OCD, it's just so frustrating. Maybe next trip I'll try a different store. Thrifting is something I have grown to love. Who woulda thunk? Ü

When the lady rung my purchases today, the total came to $3200. Ha! So she reentered & I have (had) no clue if she got all the items or not. Here we go:

5 shirts (Nike, Justice, Gap) @ $2.99 - $14.95
Little cassette player (forgot to add to photo) for Mercedes, this one in great condition! - ?
Cute little tin Christmas tree (I'll remove ornaments) - $3.95
2 heavy, silver candle holders - .95 each - $1.90
Tiny mason jar -$1.00
Blue Coke glass (my kids drink out of these, I have a collection) - $1.00
Hallmark Christmas decor plate - $1.25
Ralph Lauren button shirt - ?
Denim skirt - ?

Total w/ tax: $26.03

As I now see, it appears she forgot to charge me for a few items after having to void the ticket & reenter all the prices. It took so long, I didn't even check the receipt. I knew $26 sounded about right so I just paid & we got out of there. The electric drum I bought last time I had to trash (& some other things) - so I'm ok with not paying for the clothes. Nonetheless, I hate when stuff like that happens & I feel as if I stiffed them. Pfft.

This store does have a large Christmas section & Mercedes & I spent over 30 minutes going thru all their cute Christmas decor/stuff. She loves all the pretty things & we had so much fun. Can't wait to do that again. ♥

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~Jenn said...

Lucky you! Our goodwill is expensive, unless it's the 1/2 price color or the special of the week. Great finds!