Friday, September 23, 2011


These suckers here (Texas slang - sorry) are some pretty funky photos. I've learned that the Rebel is not near as fast as my camera. So, when I click the shutter, I take the camera away from my face. Only to discover, the Rebel is not quite done doing it's business. Oops. Now I know. Ü

Below: The neighborhood lawn guy's rig. We call him 'Mr. B'. Because we can't pronounce his first name. :) Cutest, sweetest, little mexican man I've ever had the pleasure knowing. We ♥ him. (Jags' is dripping w/ sweat!)

Below: Evidence of how the previous owner maintained (or, um, didn't maintain) this home. Nice, sloppy mortar from a job he obviously did himself. Looks super.

Below: Check out the trees. I oversharpened. ;o)

Below: Meltdown.

Below: Can you see the smoke from the Spark Scooter?

My camera is being shipped tomorrow, for repair. Sniff.

Happy weekend! Ü

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Bridget said...

Love the pictures!! Glad your camera is going to get fixed. I know you miss it.