Monday, September 19, 2011

Decorating dilemma.

The picture above the fireplace I have had for years. On a wall. I've had it so long, it became a part of the wall. I didn't even see it anymore. Considering it didn't even match the living room, which is where I had it located, I decided to ditch this puppy & attempt to sell it on Craig's List. I moved it into the family room on the floor until I got it listed. During that time, it dawned on me that the picture matches that room perfectly! So while I was couch-ridden on Saturday, I had hubby do some relocating for me. I had him move the mirror from the fireplace & stuck the picture up there:

Group A:

And placed the mirror on the wall shelves:

Hmm! I like it. Even though I like the height of the picture better, I think I prefer the mirror atop the fireplace:

Group B:

With the picture atop wall shelves:

Speaking of my wall shelves, notice the they do not align symmetrically. This drives me crazy! They are Pottery Barn shelves I bought many years ago. I love them. I better love them for what they cost. :) That said, we have never been able to match them perfectly. We went back & forth with Pottery Barn, changing out shelves, changing out the brackets, blah, blah. It was such a hassle & ultimately, they are still unlevel. I finally gave up & just live with it. (But it still drives me crazy. Even though I could probably purchase a tiny L-bracket to lift the shelf on the right. Who has time for that? ;o)

I mentioned the other day that I pulled a muscle in my upper back due to a sneezing attack. Well. Hubby & I remembered that Thursday night, I got blindsided & tackled by my 3 year old. I was sitting on the floor & she flattened me. Since that wasn't funny enough, my 6 & 7 year old decided to join her & I had all 3 of them bouncing on top of me. Ha! Pretty sure that is what caused my pulled muscle. Little nimrods. I think they owe me dinner. Ü

Ok, which group do you prefer, A or B?


Bridget said...

I like group B :)

Muliebrity said...

I'm a fan of A. :D

Rebecca M. said...

I like the picture on the fireplace and the mirror on the shelves. That said, though, in all honesty I would not put any pic/mirror on the shelves. I would be too afraid it would fall off onto one of the kids. When Natalie was little, she had a very small ceramic horse figure (among other small items) on wall shelves in her room. One day, out of the blue, the horse fell off and Now, anything I have on a shelf such as yours I velcro to the shelf to avoid them falling off.

Melissa :) said...

R - if it makes you feel better, there's about an inch lip that prevents items from sliding forward/off. Also, those shelves won't fall. They are not installed with the typical L brackets. They have metals strip brackets (not sure what they are called) that are the entire length of the shelves, & the shelves slide over them, securing them to the wall. The metal brackets are completely, firmly secure - they aren't coming down unless we have a hefty earthquake. ;o)

Denise said...

I like group a but try turning mirrors horizontal instead of vertical on shelf. Idk!

Kriss said...

I like the picture on the shelf. Then I don't like the mirror on the mantle. I think you need something a little more ornate or larger and a different color because it blends in a little. -kriss