Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They share my passion.

There are many characteristics I hope to pass to my children. Confidence, enthusiasm, morals, zest, work ethic, devotion, honesty, determination, sincerity, hope, desire, strength, trust, faith, courage, happiness, completeness, emotion, quality, goals, contentment, obedience, respect. But without passion, there's no drive. And with no drive, there's no success to accomplishing the above.

I possess & express passion. My children witness my passion & for me to witness theirs is a dream come true.

It's who I am.

It's what I do.

It's how I live.

Adoring the Passion.

My husband has just returned safely from Hungary. Earrings tomorrow.

Live brightly! ♥

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Shannon Kosub said...

Your children are BEAUTIFUL,you are extremely blessed!!! Thank you for my comment on my page. I had to come and see what your "Faith" looked like.I read and LAUGHED at several of your posts. The one where your hubby ripped his pants, had me in stitches!! I am so happy I made such a special friend on Twitter!

Many Thanks,